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    What can you deliver with Lalamove?

    24/7 on-demand deliveries with same-day or advance booking options.

    Small goods

    Good things come in small packages. We’ll deliver your parcels, food, and even groceries

    Large goods

    Furniture, hardware, textiles, construction materials or electrical appliances

    Value-added Lalamove services

    Food delivery

    Keep your delivered food fresh with Lalamove's insulated delivery bag


    We'll buy the goods and deliver them directly to you.

    Lorry Rental

    We'll make moving and bulk deliveries happen for you with our lorries, vans and 4 x 4 trucks

    How does it work?

    Order a delivery in just a few steps. It’s never been easier.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can Lalamove deliver?

    We can transport all types of goods, from food, bulky furniture, to commercial goods. 

    How much does Lalamove charge?

    Please visit our pricing page for a full breakdown of the costs

    Where does Lalamove deliver to?

    Lalamove delivers to anywhere within Klang Valley.

    When can Lalamove deliver?

    Lalamove specialises in express delivery service, whether it is same-day or scheduled courier. Set your delivery timeframe in the app with your preferred time slot.

    What is Buy4U?

    More than just a regular delivery service, our drivers can shop on your behalf. Select the "Buy4U" option in the app and put in your shopping request in the notes.

    How can I use Lalamove for business?

    You can sign-up for our corporate account! Please contact business.kl@lalamove.com or visit our business portal for further assistance.

    Can I get e-receipts for my orders?

    Activate the "Receive E-Receipts" function in the app's settings. The e-receipt will be sent to your registered email address once the order is completed. Don't want to receive e-receipts? Simply deactivate the function.

    How do I make payment?

    i. Self-payment: You can choose to either pay by cash or through your e-wallet in Lalamove app.

    ii. Paid by your recipient: You may inform the driver to collect delivery fees from the recipient in the notes before confirming your order.

    Where can I get Lalamove promo codes?

    Please take a look at our "Lalamove News" section in the app to keep track of any seasonal promotions from Lalamove and our partners.

    What should I do if I encounter fraud deliveries or if my parcels get lost or damaged?

    Please contact our customer service at 03-7688 6555 (daily operational hours: 8:00am - 10:00pm) for immediate assistance.