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    Food delivery

    Comprehensive Food Delivery Solution

    Doesn't matter if you're running a stall, cafe or a chain of F&B brand - our food delivery service can be tailored to your needs with added-value features:

    Instant Matching

    Instant Matching With Delivery Partners

    Secure a delivery partner within seconds. Our riders and drivers will show up at your door within minutes.

    Zero Commission

    Zero Commission

    We don't charge commission for our deliveries. What you see is what you pay.


    Capture More Customers

    Don't limit your revenue by catering to locals only. Reach out to more hungry customers beyond your territory with our Klang Valley delivery coverage.



    Keep food fresh and in optimal condition with the Lalabag - the perfect way to transport food and drink to customers.


    Vehicle For Every Occasion

    From a single pack delivery to a banquet delivery, we have the right vehicle for you - bikes, cars, vans, 4 x 4s or lorries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Lalamove charge a commission with each delivery like any other food delivery service?

    No, there is no commission charge for our deliveries.

    What type of vehicle is the best for food delivery?

    It depends on the volume of the delivered food. If there are less than 20 packs of food, you should have no problem using our bike delivery. Anything more than 20 packs or need special care, like a multitier cake, requires delivery by car or van.

    Can I assign multiple deliveries to a single rider/driver?

    Yes, you can arrange up to 20 delivery stops with our multistop delivery.

    What is the charge for Lalamove delivery?

    Please visit our pricing page for more details on our delivery charges.