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  • How It Works

    The fastest way to deliver anything, anytime within Klang Valley

    1. Set delivery route

    Set Delivery Route

    Enter your pick up point and delivery destination. You can fix up to 20 destinations in a single delivery. Schedule your deliveries right away or up to 30 days in advance.

    2. Pick a vehicle

    Pick a Vehicle

    Select a delivery vehicle according to your delivery needs, be it a motorcycle, car, 4 x 4 truck, van or lorry.

    3. Confirm your delivery

    Confirm your Delivery

    Put in additional notes for your delivery partner. Select your payment method and apply a coupon, if available.

    4. Track orders in real time

    Track Orders in Real Time

    Enjoy peace of mind with GPS tracking of your deliveries in real time.

    5. Share delivery details

    Share Delivery Details

    Manage recipient expectations by sharing real-time delivery updates with them.

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