How does Lalamove work? Can I join part time?

Lalamove is an App that connects drivers to clients who need delivery services. With Lalamove you decide which days and hours to work.

How much can I earn per week with Lalamove?

All Vehicle types have a good demand, so it's all about the frequency and the quality of your service.

What do I have to do during the registration process?

All you have to do is download our App and upload the necessary documents for registration. After applying, mind your e-mail inbox, we'll write you as soon as your documents are revised and your account is activated.

How many days would it take for me to start earning?

As soon as your account is activated, you'll start to receive job notifications and make your earnings.


My vehicle isn’t listed here. How can I drive for Lalamove?

You can try to register your vehicle with us. If we eventually start with a new category that includes your vehicle, you'll be ahead in the line for activation. You can also registrate with rented vehicles!

I own multiple vehicles. Can I attach them all to my driver profile?

Each driver account is linked to a single vehicle. You can have multiples accounts, each one with one vehicle and phone number registrated.

Can I deliver with Lalamove without owning a vehicle?

No, it is necessary to register with one of our admitted vehicles

Can I share the same vehicle with my friends with two separate accounts?

Yes, you can share a vehicle with a driver as long as each one has their own account and their own phone number.


What information and documentation is required for registration?

Los documentos que solicitamos son: -Clabe interbancaria a nombre del conductor. -Licencia de manejo vigente. -Identificación oficial (INE, Pasaporte o Cartilla Militar) -Tarjeta de circulación vigente.

Will my documents be safe?

Your documents are safe, all our driver's documents are encrypted and they are not shared with anyone outside our company


I have scheduled my training but I am unable to attend. How do I reschedule?

All trainings are now online. So you can take them when you are available

What is the difference between Online training and In-person training?

Both teach you all you need to know about how to use Lalamove App. We are currently working with online trainings only.


Does Lalamove charge any fee to verify the account? If yes, how much?

The driver's account activation is not charged.

Why do I need to make a deposit? Is the deposit money refundable?

The driver's deposit protects our drivers in the event of a package being damaged during transportation. This deposit is made at the moment in which the driver account is activated. The driver deposit is refunded as you decide to close your Lalamove account

Once verified, how do I cash out my payments?

Go to your digital wallet and select the "Cash out" option. Remember to always insert the total amount of money that you want to cash out. You can cash out until Tuesday in order to receive your earnings by Thursday.

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