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    Cash On Delivery (COD) for Small Businesses in Cebu

    Offering convenient payment options for customers such as cash on delivery (COD) should be one of the priorities of a small business in order to set theirselves apart from competition. Luckily, Lalamove is here to provide cash on delivery in Cebu for businesses and regular customers.


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    1. Benefits of Lalamove Cash on Delivery

    As a business owner, you have to always put the convenience of your customers first, that is why offering cash on delivery whenever they make a purchase would help them choose you over competitors. The good thing about Lalamove's cash on delivery courier service is that it can be used by anyone — be a small buy and sell online business, or a big retail brand. With Lalamove's cash on delivery service, you can:


    1. Tap customers who are unbanked or don't have credit cards.

    2. Safely and surely get the payment for your products.

    3. Reach customers within Metro Cebu up to Minglanilla down south, Lilo-an to the North, whole island of Mactan to the East, and Busay on the West.

    4. For as low as ₱50 on top of your delivery fee, you can have COD service.

    5. Make business operations easier for you as you keep track of your sales.

    With these benefits, you can see how COD is a must-have for your business!



    How to Book Cash on Delivery with Lalamove

    There are multiple ways on how you can set up cash on delivery for your business. We believe that different people book deliveries in different ways that's why we made our cash on delivery service flexible. Check out the following techniques and see which one would be best for your business:


    Cash on Delivery via Multi-Stop and Cash Handling





    Bulk delivery

    Customers are willing to wait for a while

    You need the payment ASAP


    1. Get the orders from your clients and collect them (up to 18 orders)

    2. Prepare all the orders and label them correctly to help our Partner Driver

    3. Input your location as Pick Up

    4. Input the many different locations of your customers as Drop Off points (make sure you input the correct contact details per Drop Off)

    5. Once you're done inputting your customer's locations, add another stop and set it to your location. This will ensure that our Partner Driver will come back to you after delivering the items and collecting the payment.

    6. Tick Cash Handling under Additional Services, then click Deliver Now/Schedule

    7. Write your notes for the driver, then Place Order

    8. Give the items to the Partner Driver upon arrival, and while en route track your deliveries via app

    9. The Partner Driver will send the item/s to each customer and will collect the payments

    10. After the last customer drop off, the Partner Driver will go back to you to remit the payments of your customers and for you to pay the delivery fee.


    Cash on Delivery via Purchase Service




    • Personal delivery

    • Customer needs the item ASAP and are willing to shoulder the convenience fee

    • COD item is worth 2,000 or below

    • You need the payment ASAP


    1. Get the orders from your client

    2. Input your location as Pick Up

    3. Input your customer’s location as Drop Off

    4. Tick Purchase Service under Additional Services, then click Deliver Now/Schedule

    5. Place Order (no need to add notes for you will be the one giving out the item anyway)

    6. When the driver arrives, give the customer’s ordered items to the driver, here the driver will pay you the cost of the items

    7. The driver will go to the customer’s location, and deliver the items

    8. The customer will pay the driver the cost of the item/s as well as the delivery fee


    With Lalamove's cash on delivery service, you can now enjoy a simpler and faster way of getting payments, and your customer can conveniently pay for their orders wherever they may be in Cebu!


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    Want to enjoy Lalamove's cash on delivery service?

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