Enjoy our Hassle-free Pabili Service now!

Craving for something but too busy to go out and buy your favorite snack? Hungry but do not want to endure the traffic dropping by your go-to restaurant? No need to worry. You can still satisfy your cravings with Lalamove’s Pabili Sevice.

Lalamove offers a lot of exciting services, from item delivery, to queuing service, to cash handling, and to this one right here -- the Pabili Service!

Skeptics would think that no single person is up for the task of buying things that you need in life, well besides your mom, of course. But our partner drivers will be happy to do that for you!

This service is 100% lit! Here are the reasons why.


The fact that you wouldn’t need to stand up from where you’re comfortably seated is enough to use Pabili Service. We’re probably not gonna delve too deep just to explain why this is convenient. Let’s put it this way… Too lazy to buy food outside? Just Lalamove it!

The driver got bucks!

Once our partner driver accepts a Pabili Service, they know that they will be buying an item not over P2,000. You can choose the pick-up point from where the item can be bought and put your delivery address as the drop-off point. They will be shelling out their own money and when the item is delivered, you’ll need to pay them the amount due. They wouldn’t need to boomerang to your place to get the money, and go to the store and buy, and then back to where you are to deliver. Our partner drivers’ details are shown on the app so trust would never be an issue.

Real Time Tracking

GPS tracking is probably the most essential part of this transaction. This determines how long your food cravings should be repressed before you go crazy. If you order food delivery from restaurants or buy something from an online shop, the delivery time always leaves you staring  at the ceiling, trusting it will come. Not with Lalamove! We let you track and contact your driver for a stress-free delivery experience.

Have you seen Lalamove vehicles on the go? 
Let’s get you one and have that package delivered in no time.

Deliver Now!

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