Mechanics for Lalamove-Petron Value Card for Partner Drivers

With the partnership between Petron Corporation and Lalamove, we are ready to offer exclusive benefits to partner-drivers through the Lalamove-branded Petron Value Card.

This card will let you earn Special Discounts on Gasoline purchases (Petron Blaze 100, Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance) and on Diesel purchases (Petron Turbo Diesel and Petron Diesel Max) in the form of Rebate/Cash Back through points that are accumulated in the PVC.

Purchase Amount Rebate/Cash Back
Gasoline Diesel
Php 50 - Php 99 Php 2 -
Php 100 - Php 149 Php 4 -
Php 150 - Php 199 Php 6 -
Php 200 - Php 249 Php 8 -
Php 250 - Php 300 Php 10 -
Php 500 - Php 999 Php 20 Php 10
Php 1,000 - Php 1,999 Php 40 Php 20
Php 2,000 - Php 3,000 Php 80 Php 40


Mechanics of the Point System

  • Bonus points will be on top of the regular point earning of 1 Point per Php 250 purchase.
  • Awarding of Points is subject to a per card limit of Php 3,500 per day maximum, 2 transactions per day, and monthly cumulative fuel purchase of Php 25,000.
  • Purchases through Petron Fleet Cards are excluded from this benefit.
  • Points system may be adjusted in reference to the TRAIN Law, with prior notice to Lalamove.

Birthday Treat for Cardholders

Earn Bonus Points when you gas up within one (1) month from your birthday.

Fuel Purchase Amount

Additional Bonus Points

Php 100 – Php 499

5 pts.

Php 500 – Php 999

15 pts.

Php 1000 above

30 pts.


Frequent Visit Bonus Points

Earn Bonus Points for every 5th day of gas up!

Fuel Purchase Amount

Additional Bonus Points

Php 500 – P 999

3 pts.

Php 1,000 – P 1,999

5 pts.

Php 2,000 – P 2,999

10 pts.

Php 3,000 – P 3,999

15 pts.

P 4,000 – P 4,999

20 pts.

Php 5,000 above

25 pts.


Petron Value Card Key Features

Personal insurance:
Php 10,000 accidental death and disablement (ad&d)
Php 1,000 medical reimbursement

PVC holders must have at least Php 3,500 and Php 1,000 worth of product purchases (fuels, engine oils or Gasul) at Petron from preceding month for roadside assistance and personal insurance, accordingly.

*Example: Date of incident is February 15, 2017; cardholder must have at least Php 1,000 product purchase from January 1-31, 2017.


Petron Value Card Additional Features

Convert Petron Points to Cellphone Load

Text Redeem<space>amount<space>mobile number

(Amounts can be 20, 50, 100 with a maximum 300 redemption per month)

Ex. Redeem 100 09171234567


Convert Petron Points to Airline Miles

For points conversion, e-mail


Convert Petron Points to Cinema Tickets

Text REDEEM<space>16-digit Card No.<space>SMCINXXX

Ex. REDEEM 7828201109112805 SMCIN300

Send to 0917-567-1111

Available codes are: SMCIN100 = P100, SMCIN300 = P300, SMCIN500 = P500 and

SMIMAX450 = P450. Convenience fee of 5 points shall be deducted per redemption.


Redeem Petron Points at Puregold

1 Petron Peso Point = Php 1.00 of grocery item, maximum redemption of Php 2,000 points per transaction


Card Registration via SMS

Register your card through SMS to start redeeming points, to receive future announcements regarding this program and to receive other bonus points.

Type: REG<space>16-digitPVC <space>FirstName/MI/LastName<space>Bday(MM/DD/YYYY)

Example: REG 8000821xxxxxxxxxx John/S/Cruz 8/15/1984

Send to 0917-5671111 (standards rates apply)


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