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  • TOP 3 Strangest Things delivered through Lalamove

    Since we started back in November 2016, we’re able to serve thousands of deliveries of all shapes and sizes. But these 3 stood out and has slipped our policy when it comes to items that can be delivered by our partner-drivers.

    Aswang in Antipolo

    In the night of May 13, 2017 we received a concerned call from one of our partner-drivers because he just completed a delivery in Antipolo. He inquired if Lalamove accepts pig’s blood for deliveries. He was new that time and as much as possible he accepts every order he gets. Little did he know he’ll be carrying with him a litre of pig’s blood. When he asked the person receiving it, the woman shadily said it was for Dinuguan. But it was too late in the day to cook. Until now the driver cannot forget the image of pig’s blood in his Lalabag. Since then he occasionally cleans the box to get rid of the memory.


    Facundo, paki-tapon!

    This also happened last year, where an L300 driver was so confused with the order he received at Forbes Park just before lunch time. He was rushing to pick up the package because he wants to finish the booking in order to eat on time. Little did he know that he’ll be carrying 2 bags full of garbage. He was more surprised to see the drop-off point to be in Payatas! The maid talked to him and when asked about the garbage, she simply said “Nalagpasan kami ng truck ng basura, kailangan na daw itapon sabi ni señora.” (The garbage truck passed our house, Señora said this needs to be thrown away) We never knew our yayas can be so boujee!


    Tito Gel

    Last February 2018, we reached an all-time high of deliveries on Valentine’s Day. With hundreds of deliveries that day, one complaint stood out among the rest. The scenario was, the wife has a surprise for her hubby bunny. To amp up their night together, she bought a certain “gel” for her husband to use. He can’t carry it with her because she’s wearing a dress and doesn’t want to cramp up her style and also, she doesn’t want to be judged. Who puts this gel on a gift box anyway? While she’s on transit, she received a call from her husband about the gift she got him and thanks her for the lead time so he can use the gel before she arrives. But in reality, Lalamove just delivered it waaaay too fast before she got there and give it as a surprise.


    There you have it. The top 3 of the most strangest things we have delivered to Lalamove users which really sparked our interest and hopefully, yours as well. It’s also the top 3 of the most fake stories we have ever written for you!

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    JC Alarcon


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