Businesses that would HIGHLY BENEFIT from same day delivery

There are many lists on the internet about why a business should get an on-demand, same day logistics partner. However, there aren’t many about WHAT business would really benefit from this service. That's why we're here to list down the top types of businesses that would really benefit from on-demand, same day delivery service! Check out if the nature of your business is here, and find out where you can get the best and reliable same day intracity courier service 


With perishable products and hungry customers looking for a quick and convenient way to quell their cravings, it is obvious how a restaurant would highly benefit from a fast delivery service. Not only do these deliveries have to be done fast, but the food has to arrive safe from spoilage! Lalamove’s fast motorcycle deliveries have an insulated box option that makes sure that your food deliveries will not only arrive on time, but fresh and ready to enjoy!

Gadget Stores

Smartphones, smartwatches and smart-anything have been selling like hotcakes these days, and with the increasing number of people buying their gizmos online, gadget stores everywhere have opted to provide a delivery service to their patrons. With the high price tags of these items, safety in the delivery should definitely be in the best interest of these gadget stores. Equipped with real-time GPS tracking, Lalamove’s deliveries are safely done by professional drivers for the peace of mind of both buyer and seller.

Fashion Boutiques

Fast fashion is upon us and with this, more people are buying (and trusting) online shops and fashion boutiques to provide them with the trendiest pieces of clothing.Today, many want their fashion finds fast, which is why these online fashion boutiques would surely benefit from fast and easy delivery transactions. Speaking of easy, Lalamove has an e-wallet option that would be of great use to online fashion sellers who are used to dealing with online transactions. Deliveries done cashless - what a convenience! 

Gift Shops

Forgot your anniversary? Don’t worry because these gift shops that offer same-day delivery would save the day! Be it a stuffed toy store, flower shop, or dessert stand, these outlets would make your special day extra sweet. With such an important job, it is also equally pertinent that these stores delivery on time, every single time. The Pabili Service of Lalamove is a great tool for forgetful folks who depend on the delivery of these gift shops. Just order what you want and pay the driver when the delivery arrives!


Found your business? If your answer is no, don’t worry because as we’ve said earlier, any kind of business can benefit from a logistics partner like Lalamove. After all, offering delivery for your buyers is a great tool to give better customer service and higher business growth. And for better results, join Lalamove for Business now!

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