Connect with Influencers with These Simple Tips

Getting online celebrities or influencers to talk about your brand is a great way to spread the word about your products and company. The intimate and authentic connection that influencers have with their loyal fans, make consumers trust them more than traditional celebrities - and you, as a business owner, can reap the benefits of this if you play your cards right by building connections with these people. And we’re here to help you make that happen!

Know Your Influencer

Reaching out to influencers right away can get pretty exciting. However, hold your horses because it’s important to know who you’ll contact first! Online celebrities have a specific branding and talk to a specific segment in the market. There are mommy bloggers, automotive enthusiasts, beauty gurus, tech geeks, lifestyle content creators… the list goes on! You have to know your brand first and your target market, and from there, make a list of the influencers who would be able to help you reach out to your desired audience. Make sure you follow these influencers and watch their content to know how to best reach them. After all, you’re not only making business partners, you’re making friends 😊

Check out this site to know which influencers to follow based on the topics they cover.

Court Your Influencer

Now that you know your influencers, it’s time for them to know you. Think of this as your courtship stage where you have to make the first move. And as with any courtship, inviting them over for something or sending them gifts would be the best thing to do to get them interested. You can start hosting parties or events to entice these influencers to know more about you. Another way you can get them interested is by sending them your products so that they can review, try it out, and make online content out of it! And since you won’t be talking to just one influencer, you have to get ready to spend a lot of time, energy and money into sending those gifts and invites... well that's without our fast and easy delivery service 😉 With Lalamove’s multi-drop feature, you can set up to 20 drop offs in a single booking. So sending gifts or invites to up to 20 influencers in one go just got simpler.

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Amplify Your Influencer

 Now that you’ve sent them gifts and invited them over for any kind of event, they would most likely start talking about you and your brand in their online channels. As a brand, you must take this opportunity and use it for your benefit! Start amplifying their content about you on your own channel by sharing it. You can even offer to sponsor the boosting of the content to make an online ad out of it. With more people who will see the influencer’s content about your brand, the more people would know about you and your products. This generated leads make for a very good opportunity to make a sale!

With these tips, you’ll not only gain more sales, but friends out of these online celebrities 🧡


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