Fitness Food That’s Easy to Find! (And Easier to Get via Delivery!)

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There are so many food items online talking about how they can help keep you fit. However, a lot of these are just too hard to find or too expensive here in the Philippines. Which is why, if you are looking for easy-to-find food items that will help you stay fit, we’re here to help you out!


Let’s start this list with the best thing to start the day with - coffee! But we’re not talking here about breakfast coffee. After workout coffee is great for keeping your metabolism up. A study done by Journal of Applied Physiology talks about how consuming carbs and caffeine after exercising could replenish glycogen (layman’s term: energy storage) faster. This means that you could have a longer, harder and better workout the next time.

Dark Chocolate

Who said you can’t enjoy chocolates to be fit? Dark chocolates are proven by a European Journal of Nutrition study to reduce stress after workout. Enjoy it with your favorite fruit, mix it with oatmeal or just eat it on its own. We suggest you try Auro Chocolate’s decadent dark chocolates bars!

Olive Oil

If you want to stay fit but still want to enjoy fried food, fry them on olive oil! With a balanced diet, you can achieve a healthier body, and olive oil may support this by promoting healthy inflammation response to exercise. Olive oil also contains anti-oxidants that help your body produce healthy cells. Time to pan fry your favorite kind of meat and eat it after your workout!


Supplements aren’t exactly food, but they are ingestibles that can greatly help you stay fit. Again, they help you maintain it, not simply achieve it. So don’t completely rely on them to be fit. Aside from the typical multivitamins, one supplement that’s gaining much attention now are protein powders. These products help you maintain a certain level of protein intake a day, but be wary of the brands that you will use. We suggest Fit Alpha’s products to help you keep those #gainz.

Whole Wheat Bread

Cutting on carbs don’t necessarily mean giving up on them. Enjoy the filling feeling of carbs with whole wheat bread! Not only does it make you feel full longer, but it also provides a more sustainable supply of energy for your body to keep you fit. Just be careful of the bread you buy because not all brown bread are whole wheat. Check the ingredients and if it contains 100% whole wheat, or whole grain is on top of the list, you’re pretty much good.


All these items are very easy to find at your local grocery store, but to make it even easier and hassle-free, you can deliver them via Lalamove! You can also try our Pabili Service. With it, the driver buys the item for you and delivers it right at your doorstep. It’s that hassle-free! Start maintaining your fit body today, the easy way!



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