Get Ready to Snuggle with These Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas is here! Itโ€™s the perfect time to snuggle, get cozy in bed, and watch all-time favorite Christmas movies. Here are five of the top favorite movies to watch during this season.

1) Home Alone

Christmas wonโ€™t be complete without watching Home Alone. It has become a Christmas staple all over the world and Kevin McCalister has become a part of our holidays. When the pre-flight dinner scene comes (the part where they ordered a lot of pizza), and you crave some, worry not because Lalamove has your back!

2) The Nightmare Before Christmas

For Tim Burton fans and Halloween lovers who want to get into the Christmas spirit, The Nightmare Before Christmas is an absolute go-to! Even Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town, went to get into the holiday spirit and even tried to bring it to his own town. A huge plus, this film has catchy tunes you can bop or sing along to!

3) Elf

Get into the holiday sprit with Will Ferrellโ€™s comedic acting in this family friendly film. In the season of joy and laughter, he will surely bring smiles and laughter to your faces. Nothing screams Christmas more than a family movie such as Elf. Get your whole family to watch this and enjoy the holidays in a simple way.

4) Love Actually

Watching a story circulating about multiple couples whose lives are intertwined in different ways is a unique way to spend the holidays. Learn from the lives of different people and see how love can make a huge difference in your lives. Get ready for a spiraling story filled with love and laughter this Christmas!

5) The Grinch

When itโ€™s Christmas time, everybody expects that every single person is in a jolly holly Christmas vibeโ€”but thereโ€™s always one person who just does not like all the sparkly lights and loud laughter. Watch this classic Christmas story about a bitter creature wanting to steal Christmas and see if he succeeded or went to get into the holiday cheers.


Movie marathons wonโ€™t be complete without food, blankets, or tissues (if necessary!). If youโ€™re feeling a little lazy to get up and buy some good โ€˜ol popcorn, chips, and soda, just Lalamove it! Weโ€™ll help you complete your lists this Christmas. 



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