Tips You Didn’t Know to Keep Your Jewelry Store Safe for the Holidays

It’s 46 days ‘til Christmas! And in this season of merriment, gift-giving, and happiness, there are many who would want to take advantage of everyone’s cheerful and distracted disposition. As a business owner of high-value items like jewelry, your shop is definitely one big target of these people. So to keep yourself safe from harm, we’re here to share with you 3 tips on how to keep your jewelry store safe during the holidays!

 Make a call for help code

In case any of your employees feel that there is a suspicious client, they must be able to ask help without attracting attention. In this situation, a simple help code will be useful. Make it as innocent sounding as possible so that your employees may freely shout it out without drawing any of the suspicious people’s attention. When this is said, everyone in the shop must be on high-alert, and some of the employees must come near the person who asked for help to see how they can assist.


Change your old locks

If your shop has been around for a while, that means there have already been a lot of employees that have come by and gone who has access to the keys of your shop. Aside from these employees, there are also other people like their friends, your real estate agent, or the owner of the establishment or building you are renting, who may have access to the keys that open doors of your shop. To avoid getting in trouble, it would be in your best interest to change the locks of your shop. It's also advisable to do this before the holiday rush comes in full-throttle to avoid getting in the way of acquiring new clients.


Get a trusty delivery partner

Transporting precious items from your supplier to you may become a bothersome affair. And if you also offer delivery for your clients, this may also become a problem. That’s why whenever you are dealing with a courier, make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. Lalamove’s on-demand delivery service is not only fast and easy, but reliable too! With real-time GPS-tracking, you can see where your parcel’s at, and with our dependable and well-trained drivers, your mind would surely be put at ease knowing that your package is safe and sound.

This season is as glimmering as your products, and some might want to make it dull for their own gain, so be sure to keep your business safe with these tips! 🧡


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