Le Sucré Lab hits the sweet spot of their dessert business with Lalamove

Rich, luscious decadence is how anyone would describe the desserts of Le Sucré Lab Chocolates (also known simply as Le Sucré Lab). The patisserie-school turned dessert-haven has now become a fast-growing business that has satisfied the sweet cravings of many people around the metro. In a talk with their head chef and owner Chef Marvin Bagube, we discovered how Le Sucré Lab was able to hit the sweet spot of their dessert business.


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- own delivery service had a week-long wait which upset customers

- fast delivery was needed for the extremely perishable products


Lalamove Pabili Service; Lalamove for Business understands the needs of business customers.


Le Sucré Lab’s desserts are packaged in these luxurious copper cans



“Our sales jumped since our customers started using the fast delivery of Lalamove’s Pabili Service, all while we’re put at ease” - Chef Marvin Bagube, Owner, Le Sucré Lab Chocolates

Clad in a copper casing, their desserts are both exquisite in look and in taste; and the bestseller, the Chocolate Dream Cake, has become a favorite for its rich, yet delicately sweet flavor. In a span of 2 years, their meager following has grown to almost 20 thousand, with around a thousand likes per day. This engagement rate has manifested in their sales as they now serve around 200 to 300 cans of assorted desserts everyday. To make these sweet indulgences even more accessible, Le Sucré Lab has put up their own delivery service where orders had to be placed a week prior the delivery. However, around April this year, Chef Marvin saw an interesting trend when around 80% of their delivery sales were made not with their own team, but with Lalamove’s Pabili Service.



30078243_364995633990749_5408267199020269568_nChef Marvin told us how some customers expressed their dismay upon knowing that Le Sucré Lab’s delivery service has a week-long wait. Since his products are popular for quelling sweet cravings, it needed something that’s fast and easy. However, this logistical problem was solved by their customers themselves.  With the Pabili Service of Lalamove, Le Sucré Lab’s customers had an option to get their sweet chocolate fix, on-demand - no more waiting for a week. Also, most of his customers don’t mind the extra fee with Pabili Service because they get around 4-5 cans per order. He says that the customers see that they are paying their money’s worth with the convenience and speed of the delivery. “They don’t mind paying extra for the Pabili Service because the convenience it brings makes it reasonable.” Chef Marvin shared with us.

Even him as the business owner saw how cost-efficient Lalamove’s service was. With his own delivery, he had to pay the riders by kilometer from his shop which meant that the burden was on his business. However, with Lalamove’s Pabili Service, his customers were happily shouldering the delivery fee. And why wouldn’t they, when his cakes are just too good! With Lalamove, Chef Marvin and his team can rest with ease about the logistics, and simply focus on making decadent cakes that people would crave and be willing to pay for - delivery fee and all!


They don’t mind paying extra for the Pabili Service because the convenience it brings makes it reasonable.” - Chef Marvin Bagube, Owner, Le Sucré Lab Chocolates


Chef Marvin saw how Lalamove proved to be the smart logistics solutions for the delivery needs of their customers, which is why he has already stopped doing their own delivery. Now, he simply encourages the avid fans of La Sucré Lab to download the Lalamove app to get their favorite treats. And now, at around 40 to 60 deliveries per day that make up a sizeable amount of their daily revenue, Chef Marvin really saw how beneficial Lalamove’s on-demand delivery service was for his business. In the end, the service proved to not only be beneficial to his customers, but to him as well, “Our sales jumped since our customers started using the fast delivery of Lalamove’s Pabili Service, all while we’re put at ease” said Chef Marvin.

As what Forrest Gump has once said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.” And with Lalamove’s Pabili Service becoming a sweet surprise for them, we are all just so excited for what’s in store for the sweet business of Le Sucré Lab. 

Check out Le Sucré Lab’s cravings-inducing sweets on their Instagram page!

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