Lil Boo Pops' booming ice-cream business with Lalamove's delivery!

Cool, sweet treats are a big thing here in the tropics - more so here in Metro Manila wherein all-time high heat indices have recently been recorded. That’s why businesses with products that can soothe the Filipino palate from the scorching heat of the metro sun are scrambling to get their share of the p̶i̶e̶  tub. One of these is the niche-market ice cream business, Lil’ Boo Awesome Frozen Products, or Lil’ Boo Pops for short. Offering refreshingly sweet and healthy artisan ice cream, Lil’ Boo Pops distinguishes themselves from their competitors by making products that are not only yummy, but personal. And with their revolutionary ice cream subscription service, Boo Box Delivery, they really are creating a name for themselves. However, with the crazy Manila heat, how are they able to reach their customers far and wide given that their products have to stay frozen? The answer is simple - on-demand same-day delivery from a reliable partner that has always kept their products as they should be. Who’s that partner, you ask? Lalamove.

Our team had a little chat with Mr. Ian Carlo Trinidad, owner of Lil’ Boo Awesome Frozen Products, to learn how they got into this cool business, and how they thrive and continue to do so with Lalamove’s services.

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Pasteleria Manila’s bitter journey now sees a better future made even sweeter with Lalamove!

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Auntie May’s home delivery problems solved by Lalamove!

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