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    With the rise of on-demand delivery apps in Manila, which one will you trust? As a customer, you deserve the best and typically you seek for the best service with the best price point from all the providers available. You wouldn’t need a pen and a yellow pad to write the pros and cons for this one. We can prove to you that Lalamove is the best courier service that would suit your delivery needs!


    The cost is probably the first thing customers see. Since you’re spending hard earned money, you deserve great services for a low price. Check out this table to see if you can save money by using our L300 services compared to our closest competitor and you be the one to judge.

    L300 Delivery


    Brand X

    Starting Fare



    Additional Fare per KM



    Additional Helper
    (2 Assistants)



    Vehicle Types

    Lalamove’s strength lies with its fast delivery and we can definitely provide that to you. Never miss a beat with your small item deliveries. With our motorcycles, the competitors can envy our 55-minute delivery time completion. Our wide array of vehicles ranges from motorcycles, to small utility vehicles and large utility vehicles.


    Whenever delivery issues arise, it's comforting to have quick a response from our Customer Happiness representatives. Even if we are confident with our partner-drivers and the app, having the best support system makes a big difference. Knowing this, our Customer Happiness representatives are here to serve you from 6am to 10pm, Mondays to Sundays!

    If you consider all these advantages for your next delivery,we’re pretty sure you’ll make the right choice to choose fast and easy.

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    JC Alarcon


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