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    How Your Business Can Beat the Festive Delivery Rush

    While we can’t promise to make as many deliveries as Santa will this Christmas, we certainly try our best to help you plan your business's courier delivery needs over this busy period. We’ve come up with a handy list of reminders to ensure that all your goods are delivered on schedule, leaving you with time to relax and put your feet up!

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    1. Outsource deliveries

    Increasing and decreasing the scale of your delivery fleet is not an easy or cheap task. By outsourcing deliveries you can quickly add capacity only when you need to and reduce your operational costs. A Lalamove order can be arranged in a matter of seconds with transparent pricing, real-time tracking and automated delivery reports.

    Vehicle Complete

    1. Schedule in advance

    Don’t leave your deliveries to the last moment and risk delays. By scheduling orders in advance you can guarantee a pick up time, avoid peak season surcharges and keep customers satisfied.

    Catering a Christmas office party? Schedule your order with Lalamove up to a month in advance to make sure all your festive food is delivered to the party with plenty of time to spare. 


    1. Multistop orders

    For more cost-efficient deliveries, arrange an Additional Stop. By increasing the efficiency taken to dispatch multiple orders your overall delivery costs will be reduced. Remember, with the Lalamove app, you can select up to 20 stops in one multi-stop order.

    E-commerce and food delivery companies, for instance, make frequent use of multi-stop orders to increase the efficiency of their deliveries. Businesses like magazine publishers also love this feature to help deliver multiple bulk items to multiple clients in a short period of time.



    1. Package correctly

    Delays occur when packages aren’t properly sealed or made safe for delivery. We’ll transport your goods with utmost care, but just to be safe, package your goods to handle any unexpected bumps in the road! Delivering fresh foods? Not to worry, they’ll remain that way in our insulated, temperature-controlled boxes.


    1. Inform your recipient

    Finally, make sure your delivery is to be expected at its destination to ensure there’s no delay in delivering the goods. Add a note with specific instructions to the driver, a building door code or the recipient’s name, to speed up the delivery process.


    Check our 3PL solutions

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