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    How Home Furniture Delivery Helped HMR Philippines Grow Online Sales by 30%

    HMR Philippines (and its flagship brand HMR Trading Haus) is a household name for household items. As the leading consumer surplus company for more than 30 years with over 20 branches, HMR Philippines has become synonymous to affordable and reliable appliance, and all home furniture. With everyone staying home due COVID-19, we wanted to know how they are adapting, so we spoke with Frankie Endriga HMR Philippines' Head of Business Development and Purchasing.

    vehicles lalamove



    Large pool of delivery drivers that helped expand logistics capacity

    Delivery trucks perfect for transporting furniture and other heavy items

    Wide delivery coverage in Metro Manila and nearby areas

    As one of the leading surplus appliance and furniture stores, HMR Philippines is heavily reliant on their retail shops. However, when COVID-19 struck, they had to quickly pivot and find alternative ways to serve their customers. Luckily, HMR Trading Haus was ramping up their digital presence by initially using Viber marketplace, which has become quite popular among businesses and customers. As their demand grew, HMR Philippines had to look for a reliable delivery partner who would help them fulfill their orders. Fortunately, Lalamove's 3PL delivery service proved to be the right one for the job.


    "Regardless of how a customer buys a product, whether in-store or online, Lalamove enables HMR Philippines to deliver"

    - Frankie Endriga, Head of Business Development and Purchasing, HMR Philippines


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    To cope with the demand, HMR Philippines has set up multiple touch points for their customers so that they could choose what shopping experience they want. HMR Philippines was available online through Facebook and Viber during the early days of the ECQ. However, they were already preparing, their dedicated e-commerce platform. When community quarantine eased out, HMR started re-opening select branches to cater to customers who prefer shopping physically while adhering to safety procedures. With this many touch points, they encountered problems with fulfillment since only limited personnel can go to their stores to manage the flow of products. HMR Philippines easily reached their delivery and logistics capacity which threatened to hamper their fulfillment.

    In their search for a delivery partner, they had to find one that would be able to help them expand their delivery capacity and cater to all the orders whether they were made online or in-store. Aside from this, their delivery partner had to have flexible delivery options since HMR Philippines' product line stretches from small appliances to big home furnitures. In short, they had to find not only a reliable 3PL delivery service, but a flexible one as well. Luckily, they found Lalamove.



    Lalamove's 3PL delivery service came in handy for HMR Philippines. First of all, with tens of thousands of Partner Drivers, Lalamove easily expanded the delivery capacity of HMR Philippines to fulfill the growing demand for affordable and reliable home furniture, especially since many people stay at home during this time. With our delivery service, HMR Philippines got to rapidly fulfill their orders, which helped them deliver comfort to more Filipino homes.


    On top of helping HMR Philippines solve their problems on their logistics capabilities, Frankie told us that the variety of delivery options ranging from motorcycles to delivery trucks was a key criteria why HMR Philippines chose to do their appliance and furniture delivery with Lalamove. With motorcycles, they can deliver small items and appliances such as oven toasters which has now become a hit with many home businesses popping up making assorted goodies such as pastries and cakes. On the other hand, HMR Philippines trusts Lalamove's vans and delivery trucks in transporting home furnishings and decors especially now that many people are redecorating their homes to make it more comfortable amidst the lockdown. Lalamove MPVs and Light Trucks became really helpful in moving big home furnishings from couches, beds, lamps, and other bulky items.



    With their expanded delivery capacity and flexible delivery options, HMR Philippines's online sales grew exponentially by up to 30%. This is a testament of how Filipinos today are investing on making their homes more comfortable as we all do our part in keeping everyone safe by staying in. It is HMR Philippines and Lalamove's mission to make this possible.

    We are so excited to help more Filipino businesses expand their reach and delivery capacity. That's why Frankie Endriga is here to share the story of HMR Philippines to inspire more entrepreneurs to deliver possibilities faster with Lalamove!



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