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    Lalamove Guidelines on Delivery: What Lalamove Cannot Deliver

    Can Lalamove deliver pets or do pet delivery? How about deliver laptops? What are the rules and regulations of Lalamove's courier service? We often get these questions, which is why we're here to answer them! Read along to know what we can and cannot deliver!


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    Generally, there are two things Lalamove cannot deliver: breathing or living things, and illegal or hazardous items. For a more comprehensive look, here is a guideline on what we are unable to deliver for you through our trusted partner drivers. 



    Breathing or Living Things

    As a delivery app, we dedicate ourselves to making it easy to deliver items - which excludes living things. So the answer to the question "can a person ride a Lalamove vehicle" is a no. Lalamove cannot delivery pets as well, as they are living things.


    Illegal Drugs or Hazardous Items

    Well, no one should really have illegal drugs in the first place, so it's expected that Lalamove cannot deliver these items. Also, for the safety of our partner drivers, we decline to deliver sharp objects, fire arms, and chemicals that could potentially stab, shoot, or burn the partner driver while en route to the drop off point.


    This guideline includes all vehicles from motorcycles for small courier services, to MPV and Light Trucks for trucking service and delivery vans. Our team and Partner Drivers strictly implement this and we expect our customers to follow as well.

    However, aside from these few items, Lalamove can deliver anything under the sun. So go ahead and book a fast and convenient same-day delivery service now!


    If the item you want to deliver isn't on this list, then you can try our courier service!

    Try our same-day delivery app

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