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    Enjoy Lalamove Purchase Service (Pabili Service) now!

    Craving for something but too busy to go out and buy it? Want that item from an online shop now? No need to worry because Lalamove’s Purchase Service (previously known as Pabili Service) will let you buy ANYTHING while you're at eh comfort of your home!

    Our on-demand Pabili Service or Purchase Service in the Philippines lets our Partner Drivers buy anything on your behalf worth ₱2,000 or less. With this, you can site back and relax as we handle your delivery.

    Try our same-day delivery app Check our 3PL solutions


    Lalamove offers a lot of exciting courier services like our fast 55-minute delivery service, cash on delivery, and our popular Purchase Service! At just a touch of a button, our Partner Drivers will be happy to buy anything on your behalf for just 50 (now that's a steal).


    How to book a Lalamove Purchase Service?

    Here's a step-by-step guide, with pictures, on how to book a Purchase Service (Pabili Service) with Lalamove's on-demand delivery app

    Step 1 Pabili Lalamove

    STEP 1

    Select Motorcycle as the vehicle of choice when you open the Lalamove app (available on the Play Store and App Store)

    Step 2 Pabili Lalamove

    STEP 2

    At Pick Up, input the location of the store you want to buy from.

    Step 3 Pabili Lalamove

    STEP 3

    At Drop Off, input your location.

    Step 4 Pabili Lalamove

    STEP 4

    Tap Purchase Service from "Additional Services" and Choose whether to Schedule for Later or Deliver Now

    Step 5 Pabili Lalamove

    STEP 5

    Write your order at the "Driver Notes" section, remember to keep the items below ₱2,000

    Step 6 Pabili Lalamove

    STEP 6

    Place Order, wait to be matched, and get your pabili!


    Where can I use Lalamove Purchase Service?

    You can use Purchase Service to pabili anything under the sun, under ₱2,000! Need a gift delivery? Purchase Service. Grocery delivery? Purchase Service. Surprise cake and flowers? Purchase Service. The use is endless!

    And how much is Lalamove Purchase Service, you ask? Just ₱50 on top of your delivery fee (+₱60 if our Partner Driver exceeds the 30-minute waiting time allowance).



    What are the benefits of using Lalamove Purchase Service?

    The unique thing about Lalamove's Purchase Service is you can use it to pabili more than just food delivery. Our Purchase Service or Pabili Service can help you buy things such as clothes, electronics, accessories, appliances, groceries, and so much more! 

    Lalamove's built-in GPS tracking keeps the deliveries safe and secure, so you know where your delivery is at any point of the transaction. If you're an entrepreneur looking for ways on how to offer cash on delivery for your business, you can also use Lalamove's Purchase Service for that!

    There are many other pabili service providers in the metro such as GrabExpress Pabili, who can help you buy your needs. However, one of the advantages of Lalamove's Purchase Service is the ability to schedule pabili service orders to help make the delivery more convenient for you. There are many uses to this nifty pabili service feature, so why don't you try it now!


    What to enjoy the convenience of Purchase Service?

    Try our same-day delivery app

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    JC Alarcon

    JC is the PR and Partnerships Lead of Lalamove Philippines. From PR brand building to CSR initiatives, his goal is to create lasting beneficial relationships and build an image of quality service for Lalamove Philippines.

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