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  • Pamasko Deals and Promos for Businesses

    Christmas is a great time for many businesses because everyone is looking for a great pamasko deal! And if you want to increase sales during this time of the year, offering promos is the oldest trick in the book. This year, many businesses offered so many discounts, special bundles and value-added services that customers couldn’t help but be dizzy with the options! If you want to know what kinds of promos businesses did during this time of the year, then you are in luck because we’re here to list them down! Check them out below and see how you can use these techniques in your future promos.

    Pre-Christmas Promos

    They say you should strike the iron while it’s hot, but there’s also a saying which goes “the early bird catches the worm,” and boy did these early birds catch the worm! Many online shops and marketplaces offered their own versions of a pre-Christmas promo - and it worked. Remember 12.12 promos? These worked because many people have already saved up for Christmas. Additionally, some companies also gave out their 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses early, and these pre-Christmas promos were able to maximize this!



    Christmas Specials

    Nothing sells more than the magic of Christmas during Christmas season! Offering Christmas-only products can definitely tickle your customers’ imagination - just look at how those big coffee shops have made holiday special drinks a thing! By offering holiday exclusives, business have become a part of the celebration. Also, the holiday feels didn’t just stop with the products, because some of them had special packaging as well. Many businesses threw in special paper bags that their customer carried around as they shopped. With this, customer have become advocates for these brands! Nifty, right?


    Special Bundles

    One of the greatest hurdles during Christmas season is thinking of “gift items,” which is why a lot of small shops offered special bundles! Many businesses helped their customers solve holiday problems. Some gift shops even offered a set of holiday-themed items that people could just easily grab and go. Also, special bundles didn’t stop with gift items alone because most groceries also made holiday bundles that are perfect for Noche Buena. Christmas is a busy season, so if you can ease that a little for your customers, that could bring your business a great deal of profit!



    Value-Adding Services

    Promos don’t stop with giving big discounts, because they can also be in the form of value-adding services! For example, some businesses offered on-demand delivery! By doing this, not only can help your customers but you can also become the preferred choice since you have a special offering. For this, Lalamove can definitely help you 🧡 With our multi-drop feature, you can be your customer’s personal Santa, who can deliver to up to 20 of their loved ones with our multi-stop feature.

    With these promos, you can definitely make the most out of next the holiday season!



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