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    Know more about our
    4-Wheel Vehicle Ownership Program



    We can now help you get your brand-new 4-wheel vehicle for Lalamove!

    The 4-wheel Vehicle Ownership Program is an auto loan application program run and offered by Lalamove Automotive. It helps new and existing Lalamove Partners to get or upgrade to a 4-wheel vehicle (1,000 kg or 2,000 kg trucks) which they can use for Lalamove. Approved loan applicants can enjoy personalized application assistance, low down payment and flexible payment terms, premium support services & exclusive platform benefits, and of course - extra income! 

    We make this happen through partnerships with local auto brands, banks and financial institutions, and other partners.


    How can I apply?

    You can apply by logging in to and completing the sign-up form or by sending an email to Our Sales Team will contact you within two (2) working days to discuss the details of the application.

    What are the loan benefits?

    Enjoy the following loan benefits when you purchase your truck with us:

    • Personalized Application Process

    Low downpayment and flexible payment terms up to 5 years

    Premium Support Services

    Exclusive Driver Starter Kit including freebies and give-aways

    Who is eligible to apply?

    All new and existing Lalamove Partner Drivers who want to upgrade, add, or change their vehicles may apply.

    What are the loan requirements?

    Here are the lists of loan requirements you need based on your income source:

    For locally-employed:

    Valid government-issued ID with signature and photo of applicant

    Latest proof of billing (utility bills)

    Copy of Certificate of Employment (CoE) with compensation

    Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or BIR 2316

    Latest three (3) months payslips

    For self-employed / business owners:

    Valid government-issued ID with signature and photo of applicant

    Latest proof of billing (utility bills)

    Certificate of Business Registration from DTI for entities with sole proprietorship or SEC if under partnership/corporation

    Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

    Latest financial statements such as Audited Financial Statements, Statement of Assets and Liabilities, Statement of Income and Expenses, bank statements, and/or photocopy of your passbook for the last three (3) months.

    For those working abroad:

    Valid government-issued ID with signature and photo of applicant

    Latest proof of billing (utility bills)

    Latest Employment Contract

    For Seafarer/Seaman, must have latest Crew Contract

    Proof of remittance for the last three (3) months

    How long is the processing time?

    Your loan application will be submitted to our bank and dealer partners for processing.  It will take 7-14 banking days to get a result.  You will be notified by our team regarding the status of your application.

    Is there a minimum income required for the loan?

    Minimum income required to qualify for the truck loan is PHP 40,000.

    Do I have to pay a reservation fee?

    Yes, the reservation fee is collected upon application and is deductible from the down payment

    Do you also offer Motorcycle or MPV loans?

    No, we only offer loan assistance for small (1,000 kg) and medium (2,000 kg) trucks.  You may check the vehicle models by clicking this link:

    Truck Usage & Benefits

    What are the truck features?

    Your truck will have the following features:

    • Lalamove Automotive badges;

    • LTFRB body markings;

    • Front A/C for convenience and comfort; and

    • GPS for security and route optimization

    What benefits can I get after the truck has been released?

    You will enjoy the following benefits once your truck is released.

    • Partner Driver Starter Pack;

    • Lala Auto Premium Items;

    • Premium Support; and 

    • Lalamove discount, perks and privileges

    Can I use the truck for personal purposes?

    Yes, you may use your truck for personal purposes. However, it is highly encouraged that you take orders regularly from the Lalamove platform to help you generate additional income.

    Do I automatically become a Lalamove Partner after purchasing the truck?

    You will automatically become a Lala Auto Partner upon release of your truck.  We will assist you in the accreditation of your chosen Driver with Lalamove.  

    When can I start accepting deliveries?

    Your accredited Lalamove Partner Driver may start accepting deliveries as soon as his account is activated

    Bookings & Income

    Will you guarantee a fixed number of orders daily?

    No, we do not guarantee a fixed number of orders daily. However, there is no limit to the number of orders you can accept daily. You only need to be online to accept orders.

    Will I be prioritized in receiving orders from the Lalamove Driver App?

    No, the Lalamove Driver App uses an algorithm that automatically detects the nearest driver/s from the pick-up point.  You will be able to see the order on your Driver App if you are close to the pick-up point.

    How much can I potentially earn monthly?

    You can earn up to PHP 80,000 per month for small trucks and up to PHP 130,000 per month for medium trucks.

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