Enjoy fuel savings at SHELL stations islandwide as a Lalamove driver/rider partner!


Step1 Apply for Shell Fleet Card at Lalamove Office or via printing the application form HERE and GIRO form HERE

Receive card in 6 to 8 weeks by snail mail


Charge to your Shell Fleet Card when you re-fuel to

claim 22% discount


What are the discounts?

Verified Lalamove Driver/Rider partners can enjoy 22% upfront discounts on all types of fuel at all 57 Shell stations in Singapore.

How do I claim the discount?

Eligible verified riders and drivers will be contacted by Lalamove directly with the next steps.

The process is simple: complete a quick application and GIRO form via the following:

  1. Visit and apply physically at Lalamove’s offices.


  1. Print out the physical copies and send in your applications to:
Attn: Keane Sia
The Metropolis Tower 1
9 North Buona Vista Drive, #06-01
Singapore 138588
Level 6 – MailRoom 

Upon successful application, you should receive your fuel card and PIN within 6-8 weeks via mail.

How do I use the Shell Fleet Card?

Holders of the Shell Fleet Card simply need to swipe it at the pump kiosk, enter in the PIN which they are provided with, and refuel. No need to queue, and the expenses will be automatically deducted via GIRO.

How do the GIRO deductions work?

Upon application, eligible rider and drivers will be required to provide their bank details on Shell’s GIRO application form.

Deductions will be made once every two weeks for the amount spent on discounted Shell fuel during the same period.

How long is the Shell Fleet Card valid for?

Eligible rider and drivers who successfully apply for, and receive the Shell Fleet Card, will be able to continue enjoying the discounts so long as the eligible Driver (cardholder) remains active on Lalamove.


Click HERE for full list of T&Cs