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    Experience even more secure deliveries


    We value your trust in Lalamove to support your delivery needs and understand the importance of having a peace of mind when your goods are in transit.

    To make your Lalamove experience even more secure, we have partnered with Chubb to provide you with optional Shipment Insurance from just $3!


    What is Shipment Insurance?


    Keep your items protected and stay assured with loss and damage coverage


    Have the flexibility to pick between 2 options depending on your goods

    original (1)

    No monthly premiums, add it on to your order when you need it


    What are the Insurance options?

    Choose your Shipment Insurance depending on the value and type of goods for delivery:

    - $3 (for goods worth up to S$250 in value)


    - $8 (for goods worth up to S$2000 in value)



    How do I add insurance to my order?



    What's covered?

    Up to S$2000 in coverage for Cargo Loss & Cargo Damage



    How do I make a claim?

    Claims must be submitted no later than 3 days after the delivery of the property. Chubb will acknowledge your claim within 5 business days from the date of notification, providing the claim reference number and contact details of claim handler.





    Policy wording and declarations

    Read the Declarations HERE.

    Read the Policy Wording HERE.

    Can I add insurance to an ongoing order?

    Insurance can be added on before order pickup, once order is picked up the order will no longer be eligible for insurance.

    How do I pay for the insurance package?

    This will be dependent on your payment method:

    • Credit orders: The amount will be deducted through the user wallet as per usual orders
    • Cash orders: Our driver partners will collect the payment on behalf.

    I am an API integrated client. Is this available for me?

    Not at the moment, however we are working hard to provide this option to all types of clients.


    What situations are excluded from the coverage?

    (a) Civil Commotion;
    (b) Conditions of Carriage;
    (c) Cyber Attack;
    (d) Delay;
    (e) Faulty Workmanship;
    (f) Fraud, Dishonesty and Intentional Conduct;
    (g) Inherent Vice;
    (h) Insufficiency of Packaging and Incorrect Address any insufficiency or deficiency of packing and/or packaging including but not limited to:
    (i) fragile goods not being labelled as fragile; or (ii) failure to provide accurate or correct Consigned Address. This exclusion will not apply if the insufficiency, deficiency or failure did not contribute to the Loss, damage or destruction of the Property;
    (i) Lawful Seizure;
    (j) Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic Failure;
    (k) Ordinary Leakage;
    (l) Radioactive Contamination, Chemical Biological, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons;
    (m) Rust, Oxidisation and/or Discolouration;
    (n) War and Terrorism

    What items are excluded from the coverage?

    (a) bullion;
    (b) cash securities and other cash equivalents;
    (c) goods which are banned, prohibited or otherwise excluded by any law, regulation or statute of any jurisdiction from which the Property is collected, delivered, or through which the Property is Transported;
    (d) live animals or plants;
    (e) precious jewellery, metals, stones;
    (f) temperature sensitive goods (excluding F&B);
    (g) Other things marked as prohibited in our T&Cs

    What if my order has refrigerated service option selected? Are my items covered?

    No. Delivery orders with refrigerated service selected will not be covered by Chubb as per Chubb coverage exclusion: (f) temperature sensitive goods (excluding F&B).

    What if my item is worth more than S$2030?

    While this is not available yet, we are working hard to continuously provide you with even more secure options. Keep a look out!

    Does the insurance coverage begin right away?

    Yes, from the moment the goods are picked up and for the remaining duration of the order.

    If my order has multiple stops, does it cover for each stop?

    The coverage will be for the whole order, and on per stop level.


    I ran into an accident! How do I proceed with claims?

    Please submit your claim form to our insurance partner, Chubb, for immediate assistance on claims. We will support you and work with Chubb to provide any additional information they will require.


    Number: +65 6398 8000

    *Claim form can be accessed via mobile and web app: Help Center -> Insurance Claims -> Claim Insurance -> Download Claim Form

    When will Chubb get back to me about the updates for claims?

    Chubb will assess your claim and will reply to you within 10 business days from the first acknowledgment with outcome of the claim.

    Chubb will make payment within 7 business days from the date of claim assessment outcome on payable claims.