Delivering Care during COVID-19: Lalamove is continuing to support the public and businesses for delivery needs during Circuit Breaker and beyond. However, we take the safety of our driver partners and customers seriously and have taken necessary precautions for safer deliveries. Learn more

We are also keen to partner with NGOs and other organisations to “deliver care” to communities most in need during this difficult time. If you are looking for a delivery partner or if there's any enquiry, please contact us at:

3 ways Lalamove can improve your business delivery


Lalamove delivers flowers

1. Using your own fleet but have too many deliveries for the day?

You are a florist and operate your own small business by sending beautifully arranged flowers to your customers.

You can usually manage your own deliveries but there are peak seasons each year where the number of orders would be crazy. Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, birthdays or graduations - just to name a few. You need to entrust your delivery to someone who is efficient and trustworthy to make sure the flowers reach your recipients in tip-top condition. Our professional drivers don’t just handle bulky and heavy items, they’re trained to handle something as delicate as bouquets of flowers too!

Lalamove helps small business

2. Running a small business? Try growing your business with on-demand delivery services

Running a small bakery, F&B eatery, blogshop or mini mart and thinking of ways to expand your business?  Having delivery services means your customers (or potential customers) get to enjoy what you offer at their convenience. Try adding door-to-door delivery service with Lalamove and you can expect to get a bigger slice of the market! Deliver cakes and fruits for events or just some groceries to your parent's place, the possibilities are endless. Bring your business to your customers and they will never have to worry about making time for you.

Lalamove delivers furnitures and boxes

3. Having to take two trips because your vehicle can’t fit it all

Having to take multiple trips delivering mountains of boxes? Be it food & beverages, furnitures, technical equipments or miscellaneous items that you deliver for your business, making round trips on your own can get pretty tiresome. Make better use of your time and save that energy. Count on Lalamove to get your goods delivered instantly! Lalamove matches you with your nearest driver in an instant and has an average delivery time of less than an hour!


Ever seen one of those vehicles with Lalamove stickers on the streets?

Lalamove is a platform that matches businesses and drivers to provide same day on-demand delivery and courier services. With delivery services added to your business, you get satisfied customers, better management of your time and a wider reach within your industry. Increase your efficiency and sales today, at a fraction of the cost of a private fleet!


Use Lalamove for your business now!  



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