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  • Common Myths About Driving for Lalamove

    Our sharing economy has transformed the way we go about our lives and this is exactly how Lalamove has given riders and drivers the platform to make extra income on the side without any fuss. With the variety of platforms around, it’s easy to listen to hearsay to make decisions. But, how true is this?

    We want to make sure you’re not missing out on the perks of being a Lalamover so read on as we burst some of the top myths you might have heard.

    Myth 1: There’s not enough orders 


    Unlike many other platforms, Lalamove does not make riders and drivers commit to certain zones during specific hours, this means that there are islandwide orders ready to be taken throughout the day.

    Myth 2: Very difficult to earn


    With base prices for bike orders beginning at $10, Lalamove is one of the leading platforms that ensures riders and drivers are maximising their earnings for every order. Bonus? We take one of the lowest commissions in the game at just 16%!

    Myth 3: No added benefits


    On top of order values, Lalamovers are also well rewarded with our Lalastars programme and bonus seasonal incentives. We also have regular partnerships that gives our Lalamovers exclusive discounts on servicing.

    Myth 4: A lot of heavy lifting


    To many, performing deliveries is synonymous to lifting heavy boxes, but we’re here to tell you that there is more to that than you think! For every job that our Lalamovers take on, there are dimensional and weight restrictions that apply to each vehicle type. If a user were to require more weight or if the item is too big for the vehicle selected the customer would need to pay accordingly.

    Myth 5: Not driver-centric


    Lalamove relies on both our service provider and users to work, and that’s exactly why drivers and customers are equally important. We do not believe in only ensuring that one party is satisfied. In any situation where there is a dispute, our customer service team will ensure to thoroughly investigate and only make final calls upon confirmation of details.

    Still have doubts? Contact us at 6631 8383 or to bust all your myths!


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