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    Digitising Deliveries for Small Businesses in Singapore

    In Singapore, SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) contribute around $200 billion to the economy and account for an estimated two-thirds of all employment. For those businesses that rely on making timely deliveries, finding agile, efficient and scalable solutions is crucial to maintaining and building growth. By not embracing the trend of using digital solutions to help automate deliveries, companies risk falling behind more modern competitors.

    And yet, many SMEs in Asia find themselves constrained. Though their sights are set on expansion, they are often held back by lack of access to capital financing, ongoing talent shortages, and issues surrounding the still-developing urban infrastructure in many parts of the region. Over 48,000 SMEs exited the Singapore market in 2017 due to challenges like increased competition for talent and limited scalability resources.

    In this context, it is critical for small, medium and micro-sized businesses in Asia to uncover every new opportunity for growth and efficiency – and digitising delivery is one of the most important. 

    For more on this topic, Blake Larson, Managing Director International at Lalamove, recently authored an article about how Asia's small businesses can adopt digitised delivery in order to accelerate digital transformation.

    You can read the article in full on Singapore Business Review here.

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