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Mid-Autumn Festival might have just passed but that doesn't mean you can no longer indulge in one of eastern culture's best gift - the Snow Skin Mooncake. Singapore was filled with ample choice of mooncakes sold across the country within shopping malls in the last month.


Gifting mooncakes to corporate clients and loved ones is increasingly a common practice during Mid-Autumn festival, but always a good idea throughout the year as well. But, why waste your precious day travelling to get mooncakes when you can instantly book a slot for food delivery through courier services


During festive periods, customers make orders for their goodies despite the time limitations. Logistics companies have become busy during this period as well, resulting in delays in the delivery of your goods.

For corporate customers, here are some of the difficulties you might face with logistics when ordering Snow Skin Mooncakes and other types of edibles:

  • Time constraints: Snow Skin Mooncakes is not able to withstand the hot temperature of Singapore for a long period of time .
  • No time to deliver: Singaporeans love to bless others, we probably have time to deliver 1 or 2 mooncakes by ourselves, but how about if you have 20 orders to delivery to?
  • Unable to fulfill orders: Peak periods means increase in business for logistics companies, with limited fleet, some would not be able to fulfill your orders. This would lead to your clients not being able to receive the orders.


Skip the need to panic over time-sensitive needs again during festive periods by instantly planning your delivery services here!


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