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Lalamove delivery VS Competitor G

With multiple on demand deliveries around, how do you know which service will work for you the best? It’s only normal as consumers to want the best quality with the price we’re paying and it's only normal to compare similar providers. I’m probably not the only one having multiple competitor apps downloaded on my phone to check on the best offer I can get.

To simplify the comparison process and ensure you will enjoy the best delivery offer with Lalamove, we break down the key differences between Lalamove delivery and our closest competitor:

Price Comparison

The most important comparison anyone makes and probably the only one that matters! After all, it’s our hard earned money we’re spending so naturally we all want to make sure we’re getting the bang for the buck!

We worked out some calculations based on the fastest delivery mode from one heartland of Singapore to another: Tiong Bahru to Toa Payoh. You be the judge!



(Door to door)

Competitor G

(Door to door)





Weight Limit







Weight Limit


5 parcels, 50kg

1.7m van




Weight Limit



2.4m van



$50 + $30

Weight Limit



10ft lorry


$51 + $30

$60 + $30

Weight Limit


1.5 tonnes

14ft lorry


$88 + $30

$120 + $30

Weight Limit


3 tonnes

Fleet options

Having the option to pick and pay for only the vehicle type which you require will make sure you get the most customised and cost efficient service. Needless to say, with more variety in the fleet option, the delivery process will be smoother and much more convenient.

Payment method

In our digitalised payment world, we all love going cashless. So it’s no surprise that we enjoy different services being paid for via our phones - including deliveries. We understand this and worked hard to make this happen and it’s happening soon! Keep updated with Lalamove to be in-the-know when this service launches.

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Delivery Hours

Customer Service

Corporate Sign up


Delivery Promise



8am to 10pm

min . $300 wallet top up


55 mins and scheduled delivery

Competitor G


9am to 6pm

Minimum 40 deliveries


1 hour, Scheduled

Being able to quickly communicate with customer service for any queries that might arise is comforting as a consumer, especially when something goes wrong and you’re looking to speak to an agent urgently. Even though we love our technology, having the support system of real people makes a big difference! Understanding this, our customer service team operates beyond business hours as compared to our competitors.

We also know that the most integral part about on-demand deliveries are our driver partners, and hence we make sure we maximise their earnings!

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