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On-demand delivery meets B2B e-commerce

EEZEE is Singapore’s first B2B online marketplace that connects sellers to buyers for industrial hardware and business supplies. This one-of-a-kind platform simplifies the way businesses work and get access to supplies. Traditionally, the process was lengthy and troublesome due to having to source for suppliers and then negotiate for the best rates, not to mention then having to consider the delivery logistics and processing times.

Eezee’s fully-integrated platform becomes an instant lifesaver for businesses that are looking to streamline their operations. Shoppers can compare products, get an instant quotation and then arrange delivery of their items all with just a few clicks. That's why speed and quality is a crucial factor for both Eezee and its customers when it comes to delivery.


“Managing a fleet with a variety of vehicles will be time-consuming and capital intensive. That's why we chose Lalamove.” 
Ping, Marketing Executive, Eezee



The customer experience is one of the highest priorities for Eezee as it aims to revolutionise the way businesses seek out suppliers and quotations within a single platform. They realised that businesses need such items and supplies fast and with as minimal friction as possible. The ability for customers to receive their items within 2-3 days from the quotation date is also what sets Eezee apart, with the efficiency and convenience of delivery being one of the pillars of their e-commerce business.

Poor deliveries can be a disaster for e-commerce businesses. Receiving a package in poor condition, with a delay or having to track down lost goods are common and frustrating experiences. This
will also likely result in the loss of the customers as they search for a more reliable alternative.





For Eezee, an in-house fleet was out of the question due to its vast catalogue of over 16,000 products which vary in specifications and dimensions. Purchasing the vehicles needed would have been too expensive for the company at this stage in its journey. Also, hiring and training the manpower needed would have added to the fixed overheads the company. Without a private fleet, Eezee required a trusted delivery service provider that will not only exceed Eezee’s expectations, but also the customers’.

Before giving Lalamove a try, Eezee did try out other delivery providers. “With other delivery providers, we experienced last-minute driver cancellations, unfulfilled delivery requests and inflexibility of arranging special requests.” said Claudia, Operations Manager. With Eezee’s primary focus on providing supplies to their customers efficiently, a reliable and trustworthy delivery network is critical to the smooth running of its operations. What was most appealing about Lalamove was its 55 minutes delivery promise and the affordable rates for an on-demand delivery service.





Lalamove’s wide range of vehicle options from motorbikes and cars to vans and lorries helped Eezee manage its delivery needs
for different products of all shapes and sizes. Even the bulkiest and heaviest machinery and appliances were able to be delivered without worrying about the size or weight limitations. Being able to get a driver assigned to their orders within seconds eliminated the worry about unfulfilled delivery jobs or driver cancellations, allowing Eezee's management to concentrate on other areas of its operations. 

The real-time tracking function built into the Lalamove app has also been a useful for Eezee. The tracking feature allows them to verify that their orders are being transported on time, where the goods are and even what the estimated time of arrival will be. Added security layers including automated proof of delivery receipts and insurance coverage on each delivery is ideal to help make daily operations easier for the whole team. 



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