Top 3 IKEA hacks with Lalamove

If you’re moving or looking to spruce up your home, a trip to IKEA would be almost mandatory. IKEA is an universal symbol of being that one-stop place to purchase affordable and stylish swedish-influenced homeware. However, one thing that puts most of us off when shopping for furniture or bulky homeware is when you have to wait for the next available delivery slot - putting a damper on plans. Taking time out and waiting around for a delivery to be made can be tiresome and inefficient.

But, thankfully there are alternative delivery services like Lalamove available to make your IKEA experience even better, by completely skipping the process of approaching delivery counters and being able to enjoy same day delivery.

Here are 3 delivery hacks you need to know before your next visit to IKEA:

Hack #1: Book delivery on-the-go and on-demand

After having paid for your furniture and collected it, lugging it to a specific counter just to have a delivery arranged can be simply a pain. Enjoy the luxury of booking on-the-go with you mobile phone when you’re ready, and simply head down to the pickup point to hand over your items to the delivery driver.

Hack #2: Get driver and helper in one booking - no hidden costs!

If your items are slightly heavy and you need an extra set of hands to assist you with the loading and unloading, you’ll be glad to know that all van order prices come with the driver’s help. In case you’re unable to assist the driver, you can also add on additional helpers within the same booking. This way you have visibility on the extra charges before you even confirm the booking. To sweeten the deal, ERP and carpark charges are also inclusive in the booking price!

Hack #3: Receive in 2 hours from pickup + track your order

Say goodbye to waiting for days before you can receive your items. Have a peace of mind with Lalamove’s 2 hours delivery guarantee for van orders from time of pickup at IKEA to your drop-off location. Not sure if you’ll be home in 2 hours to receive the delivery? You can also place a scheduled order according to your preferred time and leave your items with Lalamove’s Promoters stationed at IKEA Tampines. Every order also comes with our real-time tracking feature so you can keep an eye on your items!

Download Lalamove before you head down to IKEA next time and take advantage of our hacks!

LIMITED TIME BONUS: We’re running a promotional offer in partnership with IKEA Tampines from 1st to 24th Dec! Enjoy up to 10% OFF ALL deliveries*! Simply approach our Lalamove ambassadors stationed at IKEA Tampines for more information.

*With purchase of IKEA's selected advent offer of the day. Limited time offer.



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