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Top 5 mistakes to avoid when making deliveries

Deliveries have become a norm in most of our lives. Most of us either send or receive items at least once a week. Especially with the boom of eCommerce and our reliance on delivery providers to get our items to us. As deliveries are more intertwined in our lives, we can now even run errands easily, which used to be a time consuming and manual task in the past.

Deliveries are also an important transition point from the sender to the receiver, hence every move we make to prepare for and place the delivery order will count. Mistakes are inevitable - they are the building blocks to a better way of living life. But, if there are ways we can avoid them by learning from others, why not? We share some common mistakes that can be avoided so that you can save time for things that matter.

Picking a provider

The service provider we pick determines the person we’re entrusting to complete the delivery job. This means even though we all love ourselves a good deal, picking the cheapest option is not always the best solution. More often than not, the value doesn’t mean great service and it might even end up costing more to fix it. The best services in the market might be competitively priced but will probably offer you value-added services like an easily accessible customer service, real-time tracking and more.

Duration of deliveries

If you need an urgent delivery done, do not book a delivery based on the shortest timeline provided by the delivery provider. Always expect for delays or plan for any unexpected circumstances. But fret not, on demand delivery platforms can save your day with your last-minute delivery requests - as and when you need one!

Wrongly inputting information

This might be one of the most painful mistakes - inputting the wrong information and being left with a lost parcel or incomplete delivery. Always double or triple check if your information, including the addresses, name, contact number are correct before confirming an order.

Safely packing items

Packing is the most important thing to make sure you get your item from one place to another in one piece. Make sure you are using the correct materials to wrap your fragile item or sealing your food containers tightly. While delivery companies take responsibility for delivering your items safely, it is always safest to prepare a fool-proof package.

Security for your delivery

Most people do not worry about this until a mix-up like a missing parcel happens. Making sure of a secure and safe experience should be a top priority. Having the option of tracking your item and being able to contact the driver handling the delivery will make sure the delivery transaction is smooth and hassle free.

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