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  • Tricks about Lalamove You Wish You Knew

    Have you been using Lalamove so far? Or, are you planning to download the app soon? Either you are returning or first time users, you need to know about these 3 tricks to make sure you can fully utilise our app to fulfill your needs in delivering goods!

    Additional services

    Lalamove delivers goods but that’s not the only thing we do. To improve customer experiences, we have come up with the most popular additional services based on users’ demand. Delivering to more than one destination or need to pick up something along the way? We have multi-point drop-offs! Sending gifts or running errands? Let Lalamove delivery service handle it! Lalamove has a lot of additional services for each city such as, Lalabag, cash on delivery, return trips and moving services.


    Use promo codes

    This is a secret we don’t usually tell people. The truth is promo codes are always available. Some apply to FTU or first time users, others intended for returning customers and the rest are usually for special occasions, such as Chinese New Year or Summer Break. Now the question is, where to find them? The answer is it’s everywhere! You just have to pay a bit more attention to anything related to Lalamove or subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll keep you updated through email or text messages. Besides, Lalamove likes surprises so sometimes we surprise customers by showing promo codes in our app screenshots or online banner. All you need to do is to find them!

    Check prices

    No one likes to be tricked when it comes to prices. We know a lot of companies offer a cheap basic fee to attract customers but ends up with a lot of unexpected additional charges along the way. We won’t let this happen to you! To estimate the delivery cost, Lalamove allow users to check the price of the delivery through our webapp. Users can input the pick up and drop off points, select the vehicles required, as well as any additional services they wish to add such as, insurance or multiple drop-off points. This serves as an estimation for users so they get a head’s up about Lalamove cost efficiency.

    So, it’s time to try all the tricks.

    Deliver with Lalamove today!  


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