Lola Market - delivering fresh meals to our fur buddies

Industry leader in providing alternative pet food

Lola is a business based in Singapore that produces homemade meals for dogs, priding itself to be an industry leader in its field. Lola proudly serves clients from all walks of life seeking to give their furpals the healthiest and most nutritious alternative instead of regular kibbles. The pet food market is filled with many unhealthy options disguised as the wholesome choice - Lola’s aim is to make sure pets in Singapore are only getting the best option. Lola’s offerings has been continually proven to be a hit in our city filled with dog-lovers, which meant that orders were pouring in. But delivery fulfillment also became an important issue, especially for a small business like Lola where the overhead costs for logistics itself would be extremely high to meet demands. Yet, compromising on quality of delivery for an online food-based business would be risky in terms of ensuring the delivery is made safely and with the highest of standards.

“Encompassing the freshest and finest ingredients, and crafting treasured portions of meals with passion.” - Sheryl Guay Wen Yee, Co-founder, Lola

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