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Why Drive with Lalamove?


Drive at Your Own Time

Saving for your next holiday or gadget? Take on delivery orders and earn on-the-go.


PDVL License Not Required

Save time and money as there's no need for additional licenses.


Sign up Instantly with Virtual Training

Become a verified Lalamove Driver or Rider Partner from the comfort of your sofa.


Earn Weekly Bonus Incentives

Be rewarded for your hard work with weekly cash incentives when you complete delivery orders.


Freedom to Deliver a Variety of Items

We're not a ride-hailing app so all you have to deliver are items!


Flexibility of Items to Deliver

Earn with your vehicle by delivering all sorts of items. 

Driver Partner Benefits


Lalastars Incentive

Enjoy bonus earnings for completing orders!


Driver Partner Insurance

Stay protected with specially curated insurance deals.


Fuel Discounts

Enjoy exclusive savings at Shell and SINOPEC stations islandwide.


Servicing and Maintenance Discounts

Enjoy attractive savings at Stamford Tyres, SPC's SpeedyCare and more.


Attractive Mobile Plans

Get special deals on mobile phones and plans with Circles.Life and more!


Vehicle Rental

Enjoy savings on vehicle rentals as a Lalamove driver partner.

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Lalamove Driver Requirements


Valid Driving Licence

lalamove driver - Singapore or PR

Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident


Have a Vehicle (Rented or Owned)

Hear What Our Lalamove Driver Partners Have To Say

With Lalamove, I have been given the opportunity to provide for my family while having a work-life balance. Lalamove is also a family that strives to do its very best for their Driver Partners!

- Suharry Bin Abdullah

I enjoy the simplicity, freedom and flexibility of the platform. I get to plan my jobs around my schedule and take charge of my earnings - the more jobs I do, the more I earn. There’s a secret bonus too - I get to explore Singapore!

- Pan Yih Woei

I run my own trading business and own a vehicle for my day to day errands. I joined Lalamove to maximise my earnings and this opportunity has also allowed me to meet new people!

- Janet Ng Sok Pheng

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How do I sign up to be a Lalamove Driver?

Simply fill up the form HERE and select between Virtual Training or On-site Training.

  • If you opt for Virtual Training, simply complete the online course within a day and place your e-deposit.
  • If you opt for On-site Training, our driver team will be in touch with you within a day to schedule an information session.

On-site training schedule:

(Except on public holidays & Sundays)

Monday - Friday: 11AM & 3PM

Tuesday & Thursday only: 7:30PM

Saturday: 11AM

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby C, #04-35, 408564

Things to bring: Deposit ($25 for bike, $75 for car, van and lorry), Driving License & Identity Card

Why do I have to place a security deposit?

This is a security deposit in place to ensure deliveries are performed well, and items for delivery are treated with utmost care.

*Deposit is 100% refundable upon account closure.


How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit for the different vehicle types are as follows:

Bike - S$25

Car, Van, Lorry - S$75

The deposits are 100% refundable upon account closure.

How much can I earn?

Earnings will vary depending on the vehicle type and the orders completed - take control of your earnings with every order! Driver takes home 84% of every order cost. See order pricing for vehicles HERE to understand how each order is calculated.

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Connecting Communities As A Lalamove Driver Partner

Being a delivery driver today is no longer a traditional job and has become more than just parcel deliveries. With Lalamove leveraging on the sharing economy, there is now an opportunity for anyone with a vehicle to earn extra money while already on the roads. This way, Lalamove Driver and Rider Partners become integral in transforming the logistics industry and are the real-life delivery heroes of Singapore!

Sign up with Lalamove and try an alternative way to earn extra money with your vehicle! You get to explore the city as a bonus! More freedom, less restrictions!


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