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  • Delivering Care during COVID-19: Lalamove is continuing to support the public and businesses for delivery needs during Circuit Breaker and beyond. However, we take the safety of our driver partners and customers seriously and have taken necessary precautions for safer deliveries. Learn more

    We are also keen to partner with NGOs and other organisations to “deliver care” to communities most in need during this difficult time. If you are looking for a delivery partner or if there's any enquiry, please contact us at:

    How It Works

    The fastest way to deliver anything


    Select a vehicle type

    Choose a suitable vehicle for delivery.


    Set delivery route

    Add extra stops for delivery to multiple locations.


    Confirm Your delivery

    Request for an immediate delivery or schedule an order in advance(up to 30 days ahead) and review order.


    Track Orders in real time

    Know exactly where the driver is before and during the delivery.


    Share delivery details

    Click on copy link to share delivery details with more people.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Lalamove’s operating hours?

    The Lalamove app operates 24/7 all year round, so you can place an order anytime!

    For delivery enquiries, our customer service team operates from 8am to 10pm daily, including public holidays.

    Can I deliver large and bulky items?

    Sure! Select the Full Vehicle option in the app and choose from a 1.7m van, 2.4m van, 10ft lorry, or 14ft lorry for your delivery.

    Where does Lalamove deliver to?

    Lalamove delivers to any location within Singapore. An additional charge applies for restricted zones such as Jurong Island, Jurong Port, PSA Ports, SATS, Aerospace zones, Shipyards, Airline Road, Airport Cargo Road, Airport zones, ALPS Ave, Camps, Checkpoints, Construction sites, and Supply bases.

    Are there any delivery restrictions?

    Fragile items (such as cupcakes and glassware) and items requiring assembly are not recommended for delivery on the platform. Lalamove will not liable for damages related to such deliveries.

    When will my items be delivered?

    Once an order has been placed for immediate delivery, your items will be delivered within 55 mins after the driver picks up the items.

    For van and lorry orders with moving services, deliveries will on average take 2 hours to complete.

    How do I know which vehicle type I need?

    Max dimensions for motorbike: 40cm (L) x 25cm (B) x 25cm (H)
    Examples of delivery: Document, small parcels

    Max dimensions for car: 50cm (L) x 50cm (B) x 50cm (H)
    Examples of delivery: Flowers, food

    Max dimensions of 1.7m van: 160cm (L) x 120cm (B) x 100cm (H)
    Examples of delivery: Bulky items not exceeding above dimensions

    Max dimensions of 2.4m van: 230cm (L) x 120cm (B) x 120cm (H)
    Examples of delivery: Bulky items not exceeding above dimensions

    Max dimensions of 10ft lorry: 290cm (L) x 140cm (B) x 170cm (H)
    Examples of delivery: Bulky items not exceeding above dimensions

    Max Dimensions of 14ft Lorry: 420cm (L) x 170cm (B) x 190cm (H)
    Examples of delivery: Bulky items not exceeding above dimensions

    Can I modify my order after placing it?

    No, this feature is not available at the moment. Kindly call our customer service team via the Lalamove app to cancel your order. For urgent cancellations, do reach out to your assigned driver to let him know that you no longer require the delivery service.

    I need to cancel an order. Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

    A cancellation fee will only apply if the driver is already on his/her way for the pickup.

    How do I make payment for the delivery?

    Please prepare cash for the delivery. For business users who prefer to use our digital wallet, please email to to enquire more about the corporate account.

    How do I sign up for a corporate account?

    Please email to to enquire more about the setup of a corporate account. A representative will be in touch within 3 working days to answer your queries.

    Is there insurance coverage on my delivery?

    Lalamove provides insurance coverage of up to S$200, subjected to further consideration. Kindly email to with your claims information within 24 hours of the delivery completion time. Claims submitted after the stipulated timeframe will not be entertained.