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Enjoy Exclusive Mobile Phone and Line Deals with Circles.Life!

50GB at $20/month Forever + $100 Cashback!

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  • 50GB Data for $20/month Forever*
  • $100 Cashback with Purchase of New Phone**

  • Unlimited Incoming Calls Forever
  • Free 300 Min Outgoing Calls Forever
  • Free Caller ID + 25 SMSes
  • Available in an eSIM 
  • Add on Data, SMS & Talktime anytime In-app
  • Reusable CIS Promo Code (Valid for 3 times!) 

*Price shown for number transfer sign ups. New number at $30/month. No lock-in contracts.

**$100 Cashback will be given via monthly bill waivers of $10/mo for 10 months.

A 24-month instalment option is available.


Who can Apply?

  1. Employees signing up for a new Circles.Life plan
  2. You + 2 of your friends or family 

(Code can be redeemed 3 times under different accounts)


How to Sign Up:

  1. 1. Click on the 'Sign Up Now' button below, enter your email address and click ‘Submit’.
  2. 2. A unique code will be sent to your inbox.
  3. 3. Enter your unique code upon checkout to unlock your corporate benefits!




How will I be able to redeem the special mobile and line deal from Circles.Life?

  1. Click here, enter your info and click ‘Send me my code’.
  2. Get your unique code from your email address and head to to buy your plan.
  3. Enter your unique code upon checkout to redeem your Driver Partner benefits!

Can I share this special rate?

Yes, you can. Up to 2 of your friends or families (CIS code can be redeemed 3 TIMES).

Can I keep my current number when I change to Circles.Life?

Yes! Transfer your current postpaid number to Circles.Life to get the Port-in Bonus of 2 GB /mo, or choose to get a new number.

Can I include add-ons if I signed up for this deal?

Yes, you can.

Optional Add-ons -

  • Unlimited on-demand data: $3 /day

  • Unlimited international WhatsApp: $1 /day

  • Unlimited outgoing calls: $16 /mo

  • Additional data: $6/GB, $20/20GB

  • Additional Talktime: $4 /100 min

  • SMS: $1 /25 SMS

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