Standard Rates
Motorcycle Motorcycle
Weight Limit: 8KG
Size Limit (L × W × H): 40cm × 25cm × 25cm
Price: Base fare $10 + $0.30/Km 
Additional Stop $3
SG_car-01.png  Car
Weight Limit: 20KG
Size Limit (L × W × H): 70cm × 50cm × 50cm
Price: Base fare $15 + $0.40/Km 
Additional Stop $5
SG_van-01.png 1.7m Van
Weight Limit: 350KG
Size Limit (L × W × H): 160cm × 120cm × 100cm
Price: Base fare $30 + $0.50/Km 
Additional Stop $8
SG_van-01.png 2.4m Van
Weight Limit: 500KG
Size Limit (L × W × H): 230cm × 120cm × 120cm
Price: Base fare $38 + $0.50/Km 
Additional Stop $11
SG_lorry-01-01.png 10ft Lorry
Weight Limit: 700KG
Size Limit (L × W × H): 290cm × 140cm × 170cm
Price: Base fare $42 + $0.75/Km 
Additional Stop $11
SG_lorry-01-01.png 14ft Lorry
Weight Limit: 900KG
Size Limit (L × W × H): 420cm × 170cm × 190cm
Price: Base fare $79 + $0.75/Km 
Additional Stop $17

Additional Charges

roundtrip.png Round Trip
Motorcycle: $4
Car: $8
Van:  $8
Lorry: $10
additional stop-01a.png  Additional Stops
Motorcycle: $3
Car: $5
1.7m Van:  $8
2.4m Van: $11
10ft Lorry: $11
14ft Lorry: $17
moving service.png  Moving Service
Van: Driver's Help: Included in Price
Additional Helper: +$30
Lorries: Driver's Help: +$30
Additional Helper: +$40

A surcharge will be implemented separately by the driver if
• Dismantling/Assembly services are required
• Items have to be moved without lift access
• Items are fragile and need extra care
• Provision of wrapping and storing services

Additional charge includes 2 hours of service. Timed from scheduled time of order, or arrival time of driver, whichever is later. If service takes longer than 2 hours, there will be an overtime charge of $10 per additional 10 minutes or less per person. Should there be additional requirements for your delivery, please call Lalamove for more clarification.

CBD-01.png  CBD Charges
CBD Surcharge
(Mon-Sat, 06:30-20:30)
Additional fee for every entry from non-CBD area into a stop/destination at the following CBD areas:
  • Anson Road
  • Beach Road
  • Bencoolen Road
  • Boat Quay
  • Bugis Street
  • Cairnhill Circle
  • Cecil Road
  • Chinatown
  • City Hall
  • High Street
  • Marina Bay
  • Middle Road
  • North Bridge Road
  • Orchard Road
  • People’s Park
  • Raffles Place
  • Rochor Road
  • Shenton Way
  • Suntec City
  • Tanjong Pagar
  • Victoria Street
Secured_ZONE.png  Secured Zone
Secured Zones Additional $15 per pick-up/ delivery at:
  • Airport Cargo Road
  • Airport Zone
  • ALPS Ave
  • Camps
  • Immigration Checkpoints
  • Construction Sites
  • Jurong Island
  • Jurong Port
  • PSA Port
  • SATS, Aerospaces
  • Shipyard
  • Supply Bases
OTHER_CHARGE.png Miscellaneous Fees
Waiting Fees First 10mins: Free of Charge
+$5 per additional 10min-block
Carpark Fees Fees may be charged for areas that do not have free access
Cancellation fees Cancellations made when driver is at pickup location will incur a fee to compensate your driver for his or her time.
Overtime fees $10 per block of 10min (per hired help)