Purchase Service
Users can use the purchasing service if:

  1. The price of goods does not exceed S$75 **
  2. Item is below 8 kg and within 40 cm x 25 cm x 25cm (Motorcycle order)
  3. Purchases are either goods or services
  4. Able to wait for delivery within 2 hours

How to use this service?

  1. Click on "Additional services" and check on the purchasing service box
    • “Purchase Service - Eateries (+S$15)”* - For purchasing of food from eateries like restaurants, hawker or coffee shops below the value of S$75.**
    • “Purchase Service (+S$10)* - For purchasing of items from non-eateries like supermarkets, departmental stores or provision shops below the value of S$75. **
  2. Please input your details, amount and price of the desired goods in the “ Additional Remarks” field

    * Please select only 1 option (Purchase Service - Eateries or Purchase Servic)e
    ** Please make sure that the price of goods or services does not exceed S$75 as it is against Lalamove’s policy. Lalamove will not take responsibility or be liable for any losses arising from the loss of or damage to the goods or services.