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    The fastest way to deliver anything


    Pick a Vehicle

    We offer delivery through courier, van and truck, allowing you to deliver goods of any size.


    Set Delivery Route

    Set pick-up point and destination. When delivering to multiple locations, you can add extra stops to a route.


    Confirm your Delivery

    Place an order immediately or schedule a booking. You can see the final price before confirming your order.


    Track Order in Real Time

    You can track your driver in real time during the delivery.


    Share Delivery Details

    Full details of your deliveries are available in your records. Share an order's info with your co-workers or customers anytime.

    Get an estimate

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where does Lalamove deliver?

    Lalamove delivers to anywhere in Taipei.

    When can Lalamove deliver?

    Lalamove operates 24/7, so you can deliver anytime you need to send or receive items.

    We specialize in immediate and same day delivery services. Use the mobile app or website to handle all of your express and urgent deliveries.

    Does lalamove deliver large items and handle bulk deliveries?

    Lalamove can transport all types of goods from documents to huge bulky furniture.

    Same day courier, and deliveries by van and lorry are our specialities! 

    Can I get e-receipts on my orders?

    If you have provided us with an email address, you will automatically receive an e-receipt each time you complete an order.

    Don't want to receive e-receipts? Deactivate the function by clicking 'Edit Profile' and toggling the e-receipt option.

    Head on to Account Settings to key in your email address now!