Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


As your privacy is extremely important for Lalamove, therefore we have established a Privacy Policy that clearly states how Lalamove Taiwan Limited, its subsidiaries, parent companies or affiliates ("Lalamove" or "we") collect, use, expose, transfer and store your information when you use Lalamove mobile apps, websites or platforms.


Please kindly take the time to learn more about our privacy policy, and should you have any questions, please kindly feel free to let us know. This Privacy Policy covers all "online" (such as internet and mobile services) and "offline" (such as information collection via phone, or in person) activities that we provide and operate, or merely provide. This Privacy Policy clearly states our obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act (the “PIP Act”).


Once you start to use Lalamove service, or have given us information in any other way, it explicitly implies that you understand and agree to this Privacy Policy. Should you disagree with any terms or clauses of this Privacy Policy, please do not use Lalamove service or give us any personal information of yours. However, if you do not provide us with the aforementioned necessary personal information, we will not be able to provide you with the specific service you need.


We may update or change this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect our information policy direction. Any updates will be announced immediately on the latest version of our Privacy Policy. Should there be any significant changes, we will notify you via the announcement on Lalamove’s own media. We recommend and welcome your perusal of our privacy policy on a regular basis to learn more about our latest version of Privacy Policy and its practices. As we adopt Google Map API, we thereby provide Google Privacy Policy for your reference, as Google may possibly renew or modify its Privacy Policy from time to time.


Should you have any queries on this Privacy Policy, please kindly contact our Customer Service Center on


The Personal Information We Have Collected


Once you have registered to become Lalamove users, any information you have unconditionally agreed to have input, and data generated without your active registration, such as IP addresses of users’ devices, usage time and duration, browser used, records of browsing and click, etc., in compliance with the Personal Information Category in Personal Information Protection Regulation, as Category of information Lalamove collects may include:  

Coo1 identifies individuals, such as name, job title, address, work address, previous address, home phone number, mobile phone number, instant messaging account, online platform application account, communication and household registration address, photo, fingerprint, e-mail address, electronic signature, Certification card serial number, Certification serial number, Service provided for internet identity authentication or application inquiry, and any other information for personal identification, etc..


C002 Financial verification, such as account number and name of financial institution account, number of credit cards or debit card, number of insurance policy, and other numbers of individual or account, etc..


C003Identification of government information, such as National ID Card Number, Record of Identification Number, Tax Serial Number, Insurance Certificate Number, Disability Card Number, retirement certificate number, license number, and passport number, etc.


C011 Personal descriptions such as age, gender, date of birth, birthplace, nationality, and voice, etc.


C013 Habits


C014 Personality


C021 Family status, such as Marital status, name of spouse or partner, name of former spouse or ex-partner, the date of marriage registration, and number of children, etc.


C031 Residence and facilities.


C035 Recreational activities and hobbies


C036 Styles of living, such as types and service details of consumer item used, and personal or family consumer patterns, etc.


C038 Occupations, such as school principal, government elected officials, or other occupations, etc.


C039  Licenses or permits, such as Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration License, Self-Defense Gun Permit, Fishing Permit, etc.


C040 Accidents or other incidences and relevant circumstances, such as the main description, characteristics of damages or bodily harm of accidents, parties involved and witnesses, etc.


C052 Qualification and skills


C070 Details of Work Management


C071 Work Evaluation Details, such as evaluations of work-related performance and potential, etc.


C072 Training records, such as job-pre-requisite training, and received training, and qualification or skills obtained, etc.


C073 Safety details such as password, safety code, and authorization class, etc.


C088 Insurance details such as insurance type, insurance scope, insurance amount, insurance duration, expiry date, insurance fee, and insurance payout, etc.


C091Payment, goods or services obtained by the body of information, such as relevant details of goods or services, loans or employment-related details of body of information, etc.


C092Payment, goods or services provided by the body of information, such as relevant details of goods or services, etc.


C093 Financial transaction, such as amount receivable and payable, credit line, guarantor, payment method, transaction record, guarantee collateral fund, or other collaterals, etc.


C094 Compensation, such as details and amount of compensation sought, etc.


C101 Commercial events of the body of information, such as type of business, payment, goods or service provided or utilized, commercial agreement, etc.


C102 Agreement or contract, such as other contracts and mandate relate to transaction, commerce and legal, etc.

C103 Business-related licenses


C114 Traffic violations and administrative sanctions, such as the content of sanctions , and other matters related to violation, etc.


C131Search of written documents, such as an index or code number of a written document that has not been processed by automated machines, etc..


C132Uncategorized information, such as uncategorized mails, files, reports or emails, etc.


How we utilize your personal information


From the time starting to use Lalamove or its other related services until the date on which the parties request to terminate Lalamove service, or Lalamove ceases to provide services, it implies that you hereby expressly have given consent to Lalamove Taiwan Limited. to collect, process, utilize or transnationally transfer your personal Information and technical information. Users also agree that if we transfer our company or service to a third party, we may transfer the personal data and technical information previously collected, and therefore implied the consent of the consented user to the said transfer of collected information to the third party.


Your personal data will be used in the area where Lalamove operates, and in addition, for internal analysis of website traffic and overall network usage, and will also be used for various marketing campaigns and assessments to enhance the service quality by Lalamove, and regarding the collection of your personal data, it would be based on the following specific amendments to the Personal Data Protection Act promulgated by the Ministry of Justice:


Human Resource Management (Statutory Specific Clause 002)


Mandate and Brokering Business (Statutory Specific Clause 020)


Deposit and Fund Transfer (Statutory Specific Clause 036)


Marketing (including Common Marketing of Financial Holding) (Statutory Specific Clause 040)


Internal management of the register of shareholders, members (including representatives of shareholders, members), directors, supervisors, directors, supervisors or other members of legal persons or groups

(Statutory Specific Clause 052)


Collection and processing of personal data by non-official agencies with statutory obligation (Statutory Specific Clause 063)


Contracts, or those matters similar to contracts or other legal-related matters (Statutory Specific Clause 069)


Consumer and Customer Management and Service

(Statutory Specific Clause 090)


Commercial and technology information (Statutory Specific Clause 098)


Procurement and Supply Management Statutory Specific Clause (Statutory Specific Clause 107)


Education or Training Administration (Statutory Specific Clause 109)


Information and Communication Services (Statutory Specific Clause 135)


Internet Shopping or other e-Commerce Service (Statutory Specific Clause 148)


Supplementary and back-end support management (Statutory Specific Clause 150)


Advertising or commercial behavior management (Statutory Specific Clause 152)


Study, Statistical and Research Analysis (Statutory Specific Clause 157)


Matters defined by businesses conducted in compliance with registered business scope or organization charter (Statutory Specific Clause 181)


Disclosure and Protection of Information


We would only permit authorized employees to access your personal information and data, which we shall not disclose to any third party, with exceptions of the following circumstances:


With the premise of improving Lalamove service, the third-party or external service providers receiving information and/or data with Lalamove authorization so as to utilize particular information and/or data, as well as having agreed to observe confidentiality.


Transfer or disclosure of information or data Institutions or subsidiary corporations authorized by Lalamove to utilize particular information and/or data


Transfer or disclosure of information and/or data to any party involving in the transaction of total or partial sales of our operations


Provide information and/or data to credit-rating agencies, debt-credit agencies, fraud audit and/or prevention authorities


Provide information and/or data to any relevant government authorities or law-enforcement authorities, for instance, as we suspect that you may be involved in fraud or criminal activities, and need to be intervened by judicial means:


In order to ensure compliance of Lalamove User Agreement or streamlined processing of any other agreement between Lalamove and anyone whom we regard as involving party, and we deem necessary to maintain and improve Lalamove services.


You shall cautiously use any Lalamove social networking function, as your messages may be visible to other users in certain communication groups. Although we reserve the boundary of limitless judgement of monitoring, but under normal usage circumstances, we may not particularly monitor this type of usage function.


When deemed necessary, we will transfer certain personal information and/or data to our subsidiaries or service providers located outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or other countries and jurisdictions in which Lalamove services operate. This may be due to the fact that our servers, suppliers and service providers are based overseas, or due to the reason that you have used Lalamove services and products in other countries and regions.


We will do our best to take all necessary measures to ensure that the use of your personal information and/or data by third parties overseas is also in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and that third parties also comply with relevant data privacy obligations; however, we do not provide guarantees in compliance of personal data or privacy related regulation of other countries or regions.


Use of Cookies


As we use Google Analytics to analyze how users use Lalamove website. Google Analytics is an internet analysis service provided by Google. In order to consolidate feedback and share with other Google services, Google will use collected data to track and analyze the users of Lalamove website. Google may use these collected data to customize and personalize its internet advertising.


The characteristics of Google Analytics is to realize Display Advertising of Lalamove website. Google uses and shares these Google Analytics according to the collected information due to your visit to Lalamove website, which is also bounded by the user agreements and privacy policy of Google Analytics.   


Cookies, such as Google Analytics cookies, and other similar technologies, are used in Lalamove services. The purpose of using these cookies is for us to understand and store the preferred setting, usage model, advertising tracking, while obtaining and editing website interaction and website traffic data, when you use particular service such as the completion of your registration or your usage to obtain information.


You are entitled to reject cookies usage through browser or device setting, but you should be careful that this cookies rejection may lead to an incomplete usage of Lalamove service.


Storage, access and update of your personal information


Whenever you use our services, we shall strive for your usage prerogatives to save and access your own personal information. If there is any error in information, we shall do our best to provide remedial solutions for you to update or delete information, except under the circumstances where we deem necessary to keep the said information due to proper business practices or legal purposes.

When using Lalamove or other relevant services, it is an indication that you have explicitly given us consent to collect, process, utilize or transnationally transfer your personal information and technology information, as well as are deemed as having given consent to us to transfer the aforementioned personal information and technology information i.e. content consented by users, to transfer to any third party to whom we have transfer the ownership of the company or its services.


Should you have any objection towards the aforementioned conditions for any reason, you are entitled to request for peruse, provide carbon copy of, supplement, rectify, or delete personal information, as well as requesting for the termination of such application.


Please submit your aforementioned requests via email,, to Lalamove. A surcharge of NT$1,000 shall incur for the processing of perusal and hardcopy provision. As Lalamove is obligated to protect user privacy and personal information, Lalamove shall always review requests with cautions, unless having received your written permission, or due to the following circumstances.


  1.      Information requested by the judicial and law-enforcement investigation authorities of the Republic of China through legal procedures.
  2.     Violation of User Agreement with credible proof of threat


  1.       Protection of the legal usage right of other users.


We reserve the right to refuse access requests that are overly repetitive, technical-manpower-intensive, e.g. requiring development of new system, or overhauling the current procedure, compromising privacy rights of other users, extremely impractical nature, e.g. requesting information archived in backup system.


While we strive to maintain service quality, we also aim at protect information from accidental or deliberate damages. Therefore, when you delete information from Lalamove service, we may not immediately remove the remaining file copies from Lalamove active servers, let along from Lalamove backup system.

Relevant External Links


We shall randomly provide third-party products or links on Lalamove, and as these third-party websites may have their own independent privacy policy, Lalamove is not liable for these links provided, as well as any online event on those websites, however, in order to protect the legitimacy of Lalamove, you are welcomed to provide to us your feedback on these websites.