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'Tis the Season for Simple Holiday Deliveries

Picture this: you’re a small business trying to keep sales up and get orders out in time, in the midst of navigating through the holiday season....and all during the middle of a pandemic. No pressure, right?

It’s hard enough making sure your business is operating as optimally as it can be during these difficult times, without adding in the stress of handling holiday orders and making sure they ship out on-time (and affordably). 

If this sounds like you, we’ve got some good news that may just make your entire holiday season. Lalamove makes small business deliveries easier than ever before:


No shipping deadlines

When most standard ground shipping deadlines close by mid-December, there’s no way to get last-minute orders delivered before the holidays unless you’re willing to pay a premium for express shipping options. 

Lalamove has no “ship-by” dates, no easy-to-miss shipping windows, and absolutely no delivery cutoffs. You can get any gift, order, and package delivered to your customers’ doorsteps same-day . With our same-day and on-demand delivery, you can deliver on your schedule and get all of those holiday orders delivered on-time.


No extra fees

Thinking there must be holiday rush fees or a premium for same-day delivery with us? Think again! Lalamove does not charge any extra holiday rush fees or premium pricing. We charge a flat-rate fee for all deliveries starting at $6.99 in Dallas and Houston and $7.99 in Chicago. Call us crazy, but we believe the delivery shouldn’t cost more than the gift.


Delivery transparency

Have you ever tracked your delivery for a few days and then, out of nowhere, they have “no tracking information available at this time”? Yeah, you won’t have to worry about that with us. We provide live-tracking on every delivery you book so you can see where your items are in real-time. No more vague “in-transit” notifications, and no more having to wonder where your package is.


No delivery restrictions

When you choose to deliver with traditional delivery services, they’ll have you jump through many different hoops before you can hand off your packages for delivery. You have to make sure your items are pre-packaged (or they charge you a premium to package it), your package has to be labeled correctly, not to mention, if you don’t drop it off before their delivery window closes, you’re out of luck. 

Who has time to remember to do all that? Skip all those steps and make your deliveries a breeze when you get it delivered with Lalamove. You tell us when to pick it up and where to drop it off, then we take care of the rest. Yes, deliveries can really be that simple.


If you’re looking for a way to make things easier on you and your small business this holiday season, we’re here to gift you with those holly, jolly, low-cost delivery solutions you put on your wishlist this year. Download the Lalamove app to get started!

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