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  • Entregando Cuidado na Covid-19. A Lalamove continua apoiando pessoas e empresas com necessidades de entrega neste período. No entanto, nós levamos a segurança dos motoristas parceiros e clientes a sério e tomamos medidas necessárias para termos entregas mais seguras.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can we help you ?

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    Where can I access the Lalamove User App?

    The Lalamove Client App is available for you to download on both the App Store and Google Play.

    What can Lalamove deliver?

    Lalamove can transport all types of goods, from important documents to bulky furniture or commercial goods. Visit our blog to get a list of suggested Lalamove-able items!

    Can I request contactless delivery?

    In line with national efforts to maintain social distancing, all deliveries will be made contactless where possible. Customers can leave additional notes to communicate any contactless delivery instructions with their delivery driver. Our drivers have been instructed to drop off your goods and maintain a safe distance away while waiting for you.

    How much does Lalamove charge?

    Please visit our pricing page for a full breakdown of costs.

    Can Lalamove deliver large or bulky items?

    Yes, as long as the item(s) you are sending fits appropriately in the vehicle service type you selected, we can deliver your items.

    Can I get e-receipts for my orders?

    In order to receive e-receipts on the Lalamove platform, activate the "e-receipts" function in the app. The e-receipt will be sent to your registered email address once the order is completed. Don't want to receive e-receipts? Deactivate the function by clicking 'Edit Profile' and toggle the e-receipt option.

    How do I make a payment?

    You can pay by credit or debit card in your Lalamove app.

    Am I able to make changes to an order after it has been placed?

    An order may be cancelled within 5 minutes of a driver accepting your order but you will need to create a new order if you would still like your item delivered on the Lalamove platform.

    How do I cancel an order if I no longer need it delivered?

    For immediate orders, you can cancel anytime within 5 minutes of a driver accepting your order for delivery. This action can be done through the order screen in the Lalamove App. For scheduled orders, you may cancel anytime between placing your order and up to 25 minutes after a driver accepts your order. This cancellation can also be done from the order screen on the Lalamove User App.

    What should I do if I encounter fraud deliveries or if my parcels get lost or damaged?

    Lalamove is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. If there are any issues with an ongoing pending delivery, you may contact our customer support team within the Lalamove App to discuss any further issues you may have.

    Are there any additional fees or charges for my delivery?

    Additional charges may be added to the trip at the user’s request. Some of those charges include:
        1. Return Trip: A return trip will be defined as any order that has to be taken back to the original pick up location.  The cost for the return will be 50% of the total original fare cost.
        2. Unloading/Loading Help: You may request unloading and loading help when placing an order.  The cost for unloading/loading will be an additional $15 to your total cost.
        3. Any other additional fees or costs to the delivery will be clearly shown in the app within your order history.