We maintain our relationships based on professionalism and fairness. Customer service is committed to supporting you on all your delivery journeys. Our customer service is trained and trusted to make the best decisions in every circumstance.


Ban for 1 day

Breaking the rules leading to one day ban:

  • Not following order flow (accept order - pick up - complete)
  • Being late to complete order over 1 hour from Order Time on the app without informing LLM hotline
  • Request user to cancel the order
  • Cancel order without a reason and not informing us via Lalamove hotline
  • 2 orders rated 1*-4* per day
  • Accepting 2 orders at once
  • User complaining that they can't contact the driver assigned to the order
  • User complaining that driver didn't call user on the way to pick up, and can't prove with call log
  • User complaining that driver is not the person showing in app
  • User complaining that driver uses vehicle which is different from registerred one in app
  • Driver accepted order which required Lalabag, but he did not have Lalabag with him at that moment
  • Inappropriate dress code (short, slipper)


Ban for 3 days

Breaking the rules leading to 3 day ban:

  • Collect delivery fee higher than the fee stated on the app
  • Use impolite language or foul language
  • Cancellation rate higher than 10% per week
  • First warning: Press "complete" when in reality it was a failed trip


Ban forever

Breaking the rules leading to permanent ban:

  • Theft
  • Cancel the order on the app but still complete the order personally
  • High cancellation rate, higher than 30% per week
  • Second warning: Press "complete" when in reality it was a failed trip
  • Dishonesty, cheat or manipulate bonus scheme of LLM
  • In case of a roundtrip, driver didn't come back to pick up point to return the money
  • Advertise, introduce other competitors (in the same service) to users and other Lalamove drivers