Frequently Asked Questions

Account options

How to reset my password?

At the log in screen, select 'Forget Password' and you will be given an OTP to reset your password.

How to update my vehicle?

Please send a photo of your new vehicle bearing the number plate via the in-app chat.

How to update my bank information?

Tap on 'My Wallet' > 'Bank Info'> Select 'Edit' to update bank information. Remember to tap 'Save'.

How do I update my mobile number?

You can do so via the in-app chat. Simply share your previous number and the new number you want updated.


What should I do if I am rated wrongly?

Please call our customer service team to let them know there is an error, and they will make the necessary adjustments.

How do I rate my customers?

After the order is completed, go to 'Records', and click on the order you'd like to rate the customer for. Next, tap on 'Rate client'.

How are the prices determined?

Prices are made up of a base fare on vehicle type, distance travelled, and additional services (if required)

Can I accept multiple orders?

Yes, you can accept multiple orders as long as they do not fall within the same delivery window

What information can I view?

Once you accept the order, you will be able to see the customer's delivery address and contact number.

How do I contact the customer?

The customer's contact number will be shown in app once you accept the order

How do I cancel my order?

Please do not cancel an order prior to informing us. Please give us a call at 6631 8383 and let us know why you wish to cancel an order.

Performing an order

What do I do if the item is not ready for collection?

If the customer is not responsive, please give us a call at 6631 8383 and we will reach the customer on your behalf. If customer is still uncontactable, more instructions will be provided by Lalamove. Should you be unable to reach us at 6631 8383, Whatsapp message our Emergency hotline at 8363 5303.

Cancelling my order

Can I charge for ERP/parking fees?

ERP and parking fees cannot be charged to the customer. We have a "city charge" which will cover most of your ERP expenses.

Completing an order

How do I issue a receipt?

If the customer requires a receipt, please direct them to Lalamove's hotline at 6631 8383. Please do not issue any receipts on behalf of Lalamove to the customer.

What should I do if the recipient is not ready for collection?

Please call our customer service hotline at 6631 8383 for assistance.

Contacting Lalamove

What is Lalamove hotline?

For order related issues/scheduling of training, please use our in-app chat in your driver's app.

For urgent matters, you can contact our customer service hotline at 6631 8383, available daily from 8am to 10pm.


How can I join Lalamove as a driver?

You can download the Lalamove Driver app from the App/Play store or fill-up the form HERE and select between Online Training or Onsite Training.

Following that, a representative will be in touch to schedule you for a short training session, where you will be equipped with all the know-hows of driving with Lalamove.

Do I need to have my own vehicle?

Yes, you will need to have a vehicle and a vehicle insurance before you sign up for an account.

What kind of vehicle does Lalamove accept?

We accept motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries.

What are your delivery charges like?

You will be paid according to the delivery charges that are shown in app. These charges are based on distance travelled, type of vehicle, and additional services like moving services (applicable for van/lorry service).

When do I get paid?

For cash delivery, customer will make payment in cash to the drivers upon completion of the order.

For corporate delivery, Lalamove will make payment to drivers on a weekly basis based on the cash out feature in the driver app.

Is there a fixed work schedule I have to follow?

Your work schedule is completely flexible and dependent on the number of orders you take on. We seek your commitment in not cancelling jobs that you have chosen.

Is there a dress code I have to follow?

Please dress appropriately for the delivery, and refrain from wearing slippers and/or singlets.

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