Moving into a new apartment in Singapore? Here is a checklist

So youโ€™ve found a great apartment in your price range and are ready for moving into or you are looking to rent an apartment in Singapore.

Before you pack your bags and boxes and load up the moving truck, youโ€™ll want to do what is referred to as an apartment walkthrough of the apartment you will be moving into. Essentially, you walk through the apartment with your landlord or rental agent and determine if there are any issues that need fixing before you move in.

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5 Clever Ways To Secure Fragile Items Before Moving

This article originally appeared on Kaodim.

When you think about it, transporting the larger furnitures is actually the easier part of moving homes. The day only gets tougher when youโ€™re about to move the glassware, porcelain, and other fragile items. Your heart never really relaxes when thinking about these items in transit to your new home.

Fret not. Weโ€™re here to provide you with some tips on how to pack your fragile belongings so you can move with ease:

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4 Steps To Avoid A Moving Disaster

Having to move is an overwhelming experience on its own - from packing to cleaning and sorting out logistics - the list is endless. It might all seem like a lot , but did you know that you can enjoy a smooth and disaster-free moving experience by simply following 4 easy steps?

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6 Unexpected Ways To Make Moving Easy

Moving is something that we all have had to go through at some point in our lives, and itโ€™s definitely not the easiest thing to do. Here are some ways that you can make it time and cost efficient without even knowing!

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7 ways to avoid a delivery crisis

More often than weโ€™d like, deliveries have been the bane of us. From missing parcels to undelivered items - the list can go on. But did you know you have more part to play in this than you think? Every step you make from picking your delivery service provider, to what you do during and after the delivery process can completely change your life!

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How to use Lalamove for 9.9 Shopping Day

Besides giving us convenience and access to an endless variety of goods, online shopping has also revolutionised the way we experience sales. There's no more needing to jostle through crowds to get your hands on deals but you can easily score yourself a steal with a click of a button from the comfort of your home! The only difference? The painful waiting game begins for our items to reach us. 

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Common Myths About Driving for Lalamove

Our sharing economy has transformed the way we go about our lives and this is exactly how Lalamove has given riders and drivers the platform to make extra income on the side without any fuss. With the variety of platforms around, itโ€™s easy to listen to hearsay to make decisions. But, how true is this?

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lalamove

#1: Multi-stops

Did you know you are saving over 50% of time and money by being able to include stops in your order instead of manually booking single trips? This feature also makes sure that you get to conveniently sort out multiple errands within just 1 transaction!

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COMEX 2018: Why you should be there

If you donโ€™t already know, COMEX 2018 is happening from 6th to 9th September! Get ready to take advantage of the best technology deals you will probably lay your hands on at Suntec City Convention Center.

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Driving with Lalamove - What do all those colours mean and when do I actually pick up the orders?

With the launch of 'Immediate' orders,  the Lalamove Driver's App has been tweaked to show you the 3 types of orders available for picking up. You can now easily view the difference between scheduled and immediate orders by simply identifying the colours associated with the orders.

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