Insurance for Lalamove Driver-Partners


We would like to express our gratitude to all our driver-partners during these trying times and thank you by providing all partners $1,000 in Accident Coverage. We've made this possible by partnering with SNACK by Income. With the SNACK mobile application, you have have the flexibility to manage your protection portfolio by purchasing micro-insurance through your daily lifestyle activities.

SNACK is a new and different approach to insurance which link your chosen payment method and a lifestyle trigger to gradually build your coverage. A lifestyle trigger, for example, could be paying for groceries or refuelling at a petrol kiosk. When a trigger is activated, the SNACK app purchase a micro-insurance starting from $0.30.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SNACK?

SNACK is a mobile application that embeds the purchase of micro-insurance into your lifestyle. You can link daily activities in your life to the purchase of micro-insurance, building up coverage while having the flexibility to manage your own protection portfolio.

You'll be able to choose from a range of micro-insurance products, namely: Life, Personal Accident and Critical Illness insurance.

SNACK is developed by NTUC Income, a Direct Insurer (composite) licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

How does SNACK work?

SNACK offers you the convenience of purchasing a micro-insurance policy whenever you perform a daily activity, or what we call a 'lifestyle trigger'. These daily activities can include petrol top-ups, groceries, dining out or just hitting your daily steps goal.

Whenever an activity is completed, a micro-insurance policy will be issued and the premium will be charged to your selected payment mode on SNACK. Your coverage grows each time you complete a trigger, and your total coverage amount is the sum of all your effective policies at that point in time.

What is a Petrol Trigger?

A Petrol Trigger is one of the many triggers you can set on SNACK. Each time you make a petrol payment using your Visa registered debit or credit card, you make a small contribution to your insurance protection.

That’s why we recommending our driver-partners to set a Petrol Trigger to build up your insurance coverage and making it part of your SNACK journey.

Why insurance, why SNACK?

Insurance coverage is important so that you and your family are financially protected in the event of an accident. SNACK is designed to make insurance accessible and flexible. Each micro-insurance policy starts at S$0.30, and you can start, stop or pause anytime you want.

This flexibility in payment and pricing allows our driver-partners to customise their coverage depending on their income and financial priorities for the month.

What happens to my coverage if I leave Lalamove?

Your coverage accumulated before leaving Lalamove will remain as it is. Any coverage purchased after leaving Lalamove will not be entitled to any Lalamove benefits and will default back to prevailing SNACK rates.

SNACK can be paused and stopped at any time, each micro-policy purchased will continue to provide coverage a year from the purchase date.

What does the $1,000 Accident Coverage Provide?

The SNACK-Accident product provides coverage up to S$100,000. The $1,000 provided by Lalamove and SNACK is to get you started on your SNACK journey towards S$100,000 in coverage.

In the event, you're involved in an accident and would like to claim medical expenses for injury, the policy insures only 2% of the accumulated coverage. Should you decide not to contribute towards your SNACK coverage, the initial $1,000 provided will only entitle you to S$20.SNACK_Benefits

For more information regarding this product: SNACK-Accident Product

For SNACK Claims and Information

SNACK claims, products and information are managed by SNACK  and NTUC Income. Please use the following SNACK links to process your claims and for additional SNACK product information.

Lalamove cannot and will not be able to advise on SNACK claims and products. All information on this page is meant to provide our driver-parters with a summary of  SNACK products, incentives and promotions.