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    Calling all Pick Up drivers

    Drive & Deliver packages with your pick up truck.

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    Pick up Delivery Partner Fares

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     Pick up Truck
    Weight Limit: 2500 lb
    Size Limit
    (L × W × H):
    4 ft x 5 ft minimum goes up to 5.5 ft x 7 ft

    Base fare / Starting Price:  $24.9 

    From 1 to 15 miles: $1.5 per mile. 

    From 15+ miles onwards: $1/mile


    Additional Stop Charge: +$10

    Why Become a Lalamove Delivery Partner


    Transparent Earnings

    Get full breakdown of how much you are earning so that you can plan your day


    Drive at your own schedule

    You decide when you want to work & how often.


    Ease of Sign Up

    Get on boarded online & go through our modules to become a verified driver


    Local Support

    Get hyper local support for any delivery related issue to ensure that you have what you need to do your job smoothly.

    How it works

    Step 1

    Choose orders according to your preference

    Step 2

    Review delivery details

    Step 3

    Keep track of your earnings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the steps for me to become a Lalamove partner driver?

    In order for you to become a Lalamove Delivery partner, you must download the Lalamove Driver Application from the App Store or Google Play Store. When the application is downloaded and opened, click “Sign up now” and follow the steps to provide your personal and vehicle information. You will be notified along the process and when your account is verified. Once verified, you will be able to begin taking orders.

    What types of vehicles can be registered on the Lalamove platform?

    All cars (hatchback, sedan, SUV) and Pickup trucks

    How much can i earn with my pick up truck?

    Base fare / Starting Price:  $24.9 

    From 1 to 15 miles: $1.5 per mile. 

    From 15+ miles onwards: $1/mile

    More questions?

    Check out our FAQs page