5 Essential Tips for Packing During Home Shift

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Moving house is challenging for everyone. It is not easy to stay in one place for a long time, pack up everything from there and move to another place and in some cases to another district or country. But everyone has to go through this experience. There are many factors associated with house shift.


First, comes the packing. A large part of the home shift is packed. If the packing is not done properly, the whole process becomes very difficult. Even if you use a home shifting service, not packing well can cause trouble for the movers.


Packing is not a very happy task. Especially when moving house, it can seem overwhelming among all the other tasks. However, looking at it positively, there is also a kind of satisfaction at the end of this hard work. That is why it is necessary to implement proper planning and effective methods. Today I will discuss five such methods and tips, so that your house move will be seamless and packing will be easy.


1. Declutter


It is normal to find it difficult to pack all the household items together. In that case, the unnecessary things should be removed first. It will reduce the complexity of packing, less stuff, no extra stress in the new house. Which will also help in cleaning the house. If desired, list items that are less useful or not needed at all for each room or piece of furniture. Then divide them into three parts.


The first part may contain things that may be needed later. In that case, ask yourself, have you used it in the last year or is it really necessary? In the second part, put things you can sell. Maybe old furniture, clothes or home decor. You can donate last minute items, or give them to someone in need.


2. Create folders of important documents


Keep documents such as new address, necessary information, house/flat purchase or rental documents, contracts etc. in a folder. So that useful papers are close at hand. Moreover, if the computer or phone battery dies or gets damaged, there is no fear of losing important papers.


3. Pack with time

Usually, the decision to shift home is made weeks or months in advance. So you should start packing with time. Pack off-season items or items that are not needed right away. For example, during summer you can pack winter clothes first and other items later. As a result, many things will be prepared in advance.


Buy packing equipment

Order or buy cartons, box cutters, adhesive bandages, markers, packing tape, garbage bags, rope, etc. If you want, you can make a proper plan with a checklist. For example, maybe you can pack five boxes in one day or two rooms in one day.


Carry essentials

The night before you leave, pack everyday essentials - clothes, toothbrushes, baby items, medicine, papers, etc. - in a suitcase or bag with you. As a result, important things will be with you before packing the new home. You don't have to search hard for anything and you don't have to worry about losing or spoiling anything.


4. Proper packaging 

There are some packing rules. Packing should be done by material, size, shape and weight. It reduces home shift work by half.


Use the right size box


Pack books or other heavy items in small boxes. Light items such as linens and pillows can be packed in larger boxes. If desired, you can put heavy items in any of your suitcases or wheeled luggage, and small bags can hold pillows, blankets, linens or clothes.


Place heavier items at the bottom of the box, lighter items at the top. If you are loading the truck yourself, place the heaviest boxes first for balance.


Do not leave any empty space in the box, fill the empty areas with clothes, towels or packing paper. Avoid putting different household items in the same box. Boxes should be well taped.


When packing shoes, use sharp heels to avoid damaging other shoes and dirt on one pair of shoes to avoid ruining the rest of your shoes; Wrap it separately for that.


Proper labeling 


Label each box. In terms of labeling, try to write the details of what is in the box, which room it will go to. This will make unpacking easier and will also take less time to find. Keep track of the number of boxes and what you packed in a small notebook.


Packing artwork or valuables

Learn how to pack artwork to keep it safe. For example, oil paintings should not be wrapped in plain paper. Make an X with masking tape when packing pictures. Then wrap the pictures in paper or bubble wrap in a frame box. Place a piece of cardboard between each frame for added protection


You should wrap your furniture to protect it from being scratched or damaged. You can use old bed sheets for this.


Transportation of pets and plants  


Keep pets safe and stress-free by transporting them in a carrier with bedding and toys. Make sure they have food, water and medicine. Keep plants with you if possible. Avoid storing them in trucks as high temperatures can damage them. Water well before shifting and try not to move too much.


Packing kitchen items 


Each kitchen item has different packing rules. Place packing paper around each plate, then wrap with more paper. Pack from the sides of the plate or bowl and use more paper as padding on the top and bottom. Cups and bowls can be packed one inside the other with paper between them and three or four wraps in a bundle.


A cooler is a good option for refrigerated items when moving house nearby. Pack pantry items together and tape around water bottle caps to prevent leaks.


5. Book home shifting service


If you want, you can take a home shifting service to make your work easier. In that case packing, house shift, arranging furniture in a new house will be very comfortable. Moreover, since they are professional and experienced, it is easy for them to handle everything from packing. Also your favorite things will be safe. In that case, booking ahead of time will also save you money and leave you worry free.


Moving home is an important issue for everyone. Also it is hard work. Many people get worried at this time. Especially, as soon as the packing starts, many people get into trouble by rushing or not knowing the correct rules. So keeping a cool head, planning ahead will make this task easier. Hopefully, our rules will make the entire process of your home shift easier.


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