Hassle Free Home Shifting in Dhaka: Best Home Shifting Service in Bangladesh

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Another name for Hassle is 'House shifting'. It’s rare to find such people who do not find this task troublesome. Especially those who live in Dhaka, face many problems while changing their house. Some stay in the same house for years because of the fear of shifting. However, keeping a few things in mind while shifting houses will make the house shifting hassle-free. Let's find out some great and easy tips for House shifting.


Prepare in Advance

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Prepare before moving home. Stock up on items that may be needed during the move, such as cartons, large bags, ropes, brooms, scotch tape, cutting pliers, etc. in advance. It is better not to decide to change the house suddenly.

Prepare mentally and physically for the move. Inform the landlord at least two or three months before leaving the house. Then you don't have to get into trouble with the landlord about leaving the house. Share the move with the whole family and get their help. Ask everyone to be free on the day of moving out so that they can help with moving. Before taking a new home, know some things such as:

  1. If the distance from the home to the office is too much, will it cause problems in commuting to the office?
  2. Whether there are good educational institutions to teach children in the place where you are taking up residence.
  3. Will it be difficult for the older family members who are studying in college or university to go to class from their new home?


Choose a Holiday


Choose a holiday when moving house. It's easy to move house during the holidays. Because then the streets are empty. As there is no traffic jam, household goods can be moved from one place to another in a quick time.
Moreover, all the family can be found at home on holidays. They can be used during home shifting.


Dispose of Unnecessary Items

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While changing the house, first throw away unnecessary or old things in the house. No need to drag everything to the new home. You can also sell things you don't need. This will keep the new house clutter-free. Moreover, the trouble of tension will be reduced a lot.


Open Electrical Appliances Carefully

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Switch off electrical appliances while moving house. Bring the electrician home to open the electrical appliances. Be careful not to break the appliances while opening them. Accidents can happen anytime while opening these manually so be careful. Open the electrical equipment and wrap it well with paper or cloth to protect it from dust.




Pack your belongings before leaving for your new home. Make a list of essential household items. When moving to a new home, keep that list in order. By doing this, if something is missing, you can easily understand it.
By preparing in advance, you don't have to face extra hassles on the day of the house shifting.


Clean clean


  • Keep the room clean for a few days before leaving the house, it will make the house lighter. In the same way, clean the new house that you are going to get and then pick up the goods. Clean the floor of the new house thoroughly with floor cleaner.
  • Try to empty the fridge slowly 2/3 days before moving house. Close the fridge the day before moving house so that there is no water in the fridge the next day. Empty the fridge and take it to the new house.
  • If you have vegetables, fish and meat a few days before home shifting, start cooking them and the fridge will be empty.
  • If you have a tub of plants in your house, then throw away the accumulated water in those tubs the day before moving house. It will be convenient to move the plant tubs to other places. Prune the tree's branches when they get too big. Take care that the plants do not die while moving the house.


Pest Control


Before moving the goods to the new home, spray the furniture with an insect repellent to prevent the emergence of insects in the new home. The house you move into may already have cockroaches or mice, so sprinkle cockroach killer on the floor. Spray air freshener in every room of the house to refresh the environment.



বাসা বাড়ি অফিস পরিবর্তন

One of the important tasks of moving house is packing. If you pack well, the goods will not be broken or damaged.
Start packing a few days before moving house. For packing, cartons, ropes, scotch tape bags, bubble wrappers, etc. will be needed. When packing, keep similar items in one box.
If you have glassware, pack it carefully. You can write the word 'glassware' on the packaging. This will reduce the chance of breakage. Also to mention, write down  the list of things or the categories of the items on the cartons for easy identification with the help of a marker. Then it will be easier to find the things after getting into the new house.


Keep an Spare Bag


Carry a Spare bag/ hand Luggage with you during house shifting. Keep your valuables like money, jewelry, documents, house keys etc in that bag. There is a possibility of losing these important things due to cluttering the room while moving house. This spare bag can be the solution to this problem.


Rent Trucks

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Trucks can be a simple solution for moving household goods from one place to another. It is better to fill the truck at once than to move things repeatedly. This will save both time and money. Rent a truck a few days before moving home. However, bargain when renting a truck. Be careful not to overcharge. Check that everything is in order before loading the goods on the truck.
And to find an easy truck renting solution for house Shifting purpose, feel free to check our House Shifting packages. 


New Internet Connection

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Contact the internet service provider, land phone and DISH office a few days before moving into the new home. Inform them about your new home address 3/4 days in advance. So that they can easily find your home address.
Before moving to a new house, make sure that the electricity and gas connections of that house are in order. Call the electrician a few days before moving into the new house. You will need them to install fans, lights, TV etc. in your new home. If the former lights and fans of the previous house are still in good condition, it is best to reuse them in the new house because sustainability is the key source of our environment.


Arrange the Room According to Plan

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Before moving to a new house, make a plan about your New Home. Decide which furniture will fit better in which room based on the room capacity. Take suggestions from your aesthetic specialist friends and family members. Before moving into a new house, make curtains according to the size of the door and window curtains. Curtains will help prevent dust and heat from the sun.

If you don't like the colour of the new house, paint it to your heart's content but before pursuing painting, do remember to consult with your new landlord!

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